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Baby Alive Lucy doll does part 2 of her "Will It Smoothie" challenge and has the grossest poop diaper ever!
Food Challenge Weird & Good Surprise Box Columbian Food Universal YumsCandy Snacks, Chips & Treats. Baby Alive Lucy Doll goes a little crazy and makes a super gross smoothie in her "Will It Smoothie" video.

Baby Alive GOES SHOPPING Baby Alive Doll Buys Diapers Baby Food Toys Clothes & Eats Ice Cream.
BABY ALIVE Furniture With Story Time Rocking Chair Set & Baby Lucy Doll Eats + Poops in Diaper. BABY ALIVE Vomit & Barf Doll Review of Bitsy Burpsy Baby & Pee Diaper with Spiderman & DisneyCarToys.

Little Mommy Bubbly Bathtime Color Changing Baby Doll with Bath Paint Paw Patrol by Disney Collector.

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