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Fresh air and exercise are part of the daily routine and Anchor has a large indoor play area complete with ballpool and toys ensuring fun is always part of your childa€™s day in our service. As well as this we have linked in with Fingal County Council and staff have been trained in delivering Buntus, promoting physical activities for small children. If you require any help please feel free to contact us today and we would be happy to assist you with your childcare needs.
Conductive Education in its fullest form is a unified system of rehabilitation for people with neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis and those recovering from strokes or head injuries.

The group plays an important part in the development of the personality and social skills of the child and also provides motivation for them.
A roofed section ensures use of this playspace is maximised and its available to children all year round and sports activities such as football, basketball, racing, parachute games are organised by staff on a regular basis. Skills that are learned in these various positions will be applied in activities throughout the day and in their everyday lives. The programme also provides opportunities to develop age-appropriate cognitive, social and emotional skill.

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