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This cute My First Baby Annabell doll comes complete with lots of accessories ready for you to love & care for her.
In this carrier seat, your Baby Annabell doll can be with you all the time - shopping trips or going for a walk are no problem.Doll sold separately. My First Baby Annabell with fixed eyes is a perfect first cuddly, adorable doll for younger children. The Baby Annabell High Chair is ideal for keeping your Baby Annabell doll happy at feeding times! The pretty rocking bed is perfect for when Baby Annabell is tired, a traditional looking rocking cradle to gently send her to sleep with a soothing motion & music.Doll sold separately. This toy feeding & activity centre for your Baby Annabell doll can be both a highchair & an activity centre with play arch & lullaby.Place your Baby Annabell doll in the chair to hear laughing sounds.
The Baby Annabell doll, like it was mentioned above, appears to be just like any real baby that needs constant attention. There is no doubt that Baby Annabell is the best gift to surprise your little angel with whether it is her birthday or Christmas or any special occasion you have in mind.
If you are looking for the Best prices or just to save money in the UK then you've hit the right Uk offer and compare place. We got all the latest, daily updated, discount codes and promotional codes here from some of the largest online stores and shops. With height adjustable handles (67cm) & safety harness, & compact fold for easy storage.Not suitable for carrying children.

The safety strap keeps her firmly in place & the handle allows her to be carried anywhere.Not suitable for carrying children. She babbles, gurgles & really sucks on her pacifier or bottle with mouth movement & makes sucking sounds. He babbles, gurgles & really sucks on his soother or bottle with mouth movement & sucking sounds. She will look very sporty in this cute doll's outfit which has a sweatshirt with a pretty design, & a fashionable skirt. Now you Baby Annabell doll can dress in her cosy baby pyjama set with nappies, cute sheep soft toy, & sheep shaped bottle! The perfect bedtime Luxury Set for Baby Annabell.
This pushchair features a hood to keep your dolly out of the rain or shelter her from the sun, & a detachable bag which you can keep all your things in! Clothing it and feeding it is important; otherwise, it will make some booboos such as wetting its diapers and the like. Any sound you make will actually be heard by the baby annabell doll and she will turn her head to where the sound is coming from.
With her cooing sounds, you will know that she is enjoying her time with you and your little girl. Either one will surely bring a smile to your baby’s face and to complete her joy, get a few baby annabell clothing and her potty set as well.
However, if you are after great prices for this doll then go online since there are dozens of shops that are selling this toy at competitive prices.

With this doll’s sweet behavior, your child will certainly fall in love with her and will shower her with all the love and care she can give. Dress her up in this cute skirt & hooded sweatshirt to keep her warm, or in the cute pink dress.
This doll is one of the most loved little dolls out on the market today with its baby like features that your little girl will feel drawn to especially when it makes cooing sounds just like a real baby. For sure, your baby will learn what it takes to care for a new member of the family even if she is just a piece of plastic. There is no doubt that you will be enjoying the hugs and kisses your little girl will give you when she sees her new playmate.
Check out Amazon if you wish or head directly to Baby Annabell’s shop and see for yourself how much this little beauty costs. The Zapf Baby Annabell Doll has certainly become a sensation due to its likeness to real babies. With its numerous baby-like features, the Baby Annabell Doll will definitely become a hit with your precious angel in no time at all. You might be surprised on how much this doll costs and for sure, you will be bringing home one pretty soon.

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