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First let me reassure you, there is nothing you could have done to cause your child to be born with Down Syndrome. You could have had an ultrasound every week (like myself) and there were no clues that your child would be born with Down Syndrome. About Rick SmithHi, I'm Noah's Dad and I'm passionate about giving the world a window into our life as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. This post brought tears to my eyes, Noah is so… precious and yes knit together by our Lord. I think it would be hard to determine the frequency of green eyes overall because it is going to be different in each part of the world based on the genetic pool there.
The reason it’s only 10% here is that most of the green eyed genes come from Ireland and German in the US, and although we are a large percentage, we ALL have different brown eyed genes mixed in, and they take over.
I’m so thankful that Target has used a model that just happens to have Down Syndrome.
Nordstrom also has a model with DS.  I saw him in a catalogue about two or three months ago, maybe even around Christmas. That’s why we always say that a mothers womb is the most dangerous place in the world with Down syndrome, our hope is that we can change that. I am so glad that this day in age that we can come together and know that we are not alone and that if you are going through it chances are that someone else is too.
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me so far and I hope that I can help any parent for family member or teacher for that fact with anything that i can. Our daughter Taylor has made me a better person and I know that she is a very special gift from GOD.

For all the rest of the little ones not as lucky, you can always just dress him up in this biker costume.
Nothing you ate, didn’t eat, got exposed to, vitamin you forget to take or activity you did that caused your baby to be born with Down syndrome. You had no idea that your child was carrying that extra chromosome throughout your pregnancy.
You had no control over what happens at conception, and cannot pick and choose which egg will be used. For example it is extremely rare in an Asian population but would be more common in a Nordic gene pool. I love what you have done for so many parents that for so long have felt that they are alone in the world. Brielle Garrison was born eight weeks ago without any ocular tissue due to a rare condition known as anophthalmia.
If that thought has ever crossed your mind you can take a deep breath, and let go of any guilt or anger you may be feeling, because Down syndrome isn’t your fault. Before you even knew you were pregnant their genes were set in place and there was nothing you, or your Doctor, could have done to prevent that extra chromosome. I want her to see that other kids with Down Syndrome can do the same things other children do.
I believe that they are sent to special people who loves them for themselves not for being perfect.
I know that 90% of all prenatal diagnoses of Down syndrome result in termination of the pregnancy (trying not to use language that will upset those who have made that choice for their own reasons).

I also loved the blog one lady posted about having a child with Down Syndrome is not your fault.
We had doctor after doctor come to us after her downs was confirmed ask us if we were going to keep her. What I want to know and cannot find the stats to back up is this: are conceptions of babies with Down syndrome more or less rare than conceptions of babies with green eyes? Sometimes when I go out in public I feel I have to justify my child’s right to be in this world and my decision to have her. It took us years to understand that many people give up their babies because they are not perfect. I always feel I caused it by waiting so long to have her, then I realize the number of children born to parents over 36 that are completely normal. I also realize the number of children with Down Syndrome that are born to parents under 35. I learned in fact the egg cell my daughter was conceived from was actually in me when my mother was pregnant with me.
She would come to the hospital when she knew that I was alone and tell me that I will need to put my daughter in a home one day. We consulted a geneticist to see what the odds of having another child with Down Syndrome would be and its no higher than for anyone else of the same age.

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