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Your story has broken my heart!  I am so sad that you did not know the joy, love and happiness that life has to offer. Since I came acorss your youtube video I can't stop thinking about the pain and horror that those monster put you through.It breaks my heart that you never had a good memory that you didnt have parents that showed you unconditional love that you clearly deserved.
I wish I could of seen atleast 1 picture of you smiling,but we all know that now your always going to have a smile on your face. I found out about your life on 28th September, my baby boy was 5months 5days old on that day, the same age you were when god opened his arms for you! I've always pronounced my name bree-ahna with a soft "a" like "aw" but I get called bree-aana like banana all the time. A few hours ago i was looking on my Facebook page and my cousin found your YouTube video, I can't believe what I saw and heard.

It makes me sooo sad to think of you but now you are in a place where nobody can hurt you and you can watch over all the little angels that are going through the same thing that you had to deal with in your short life. I wish I was your mommy and was there to wipe your tears and protect you from the evils in the world. DONT YOU WORRY MAMA AND DADA MAY NOT BE DEAD BUT THERE SUFFERING A LONG TIME IN PRISON AND MISSING OUT ON ALOT.stay strong and it was for the best that you died. I am a 12 year old girl and could never imagine anything like this happen to such an adorable child. I have a 5 month old baby and now everytime I see her I think about you and how can some one do something like that to a deffensive baby.
I hope your passing was peaceful and in a way I am glad He took you back from those monsters.

My great grandmother, she died of old age, my best friend, she killed herself, one lady who ws like my second grandparent, she died of a lung disease, and my step moms mom, she had cancer. I want you to know that even if I didnt hold you in my arms you have a very special place in my heart next to my baby girl Makayla. Oh princess you have touch so many hearts and I know you will never be forgotten, you will live in us all for eternity and we will let your spirit free, we will do all we can to get that awful cage removed from your resting place!

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