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Here is the second part of Free Printable Baby Shower Games , the free game templates that I have designed for you to download and print.
Download this free game printable by clicking the image below and saving the larger version .
This game has names of the TV shows and each baby shower party guest has to write names of the babies in those shows. This entry was posted in Baby Shower, Printable Games and tagged baby, Baby Shower, free, fun, game, games, memory, printable, shower. How to Download1, Click on any thumbnail image that you want to download, a bigger image will open up. DO NOT Steal My workThe work that I have provided on this website is ONLY for personal use, please do not steal or share it on your websites.
Free Printable Baby Shower Games - Find guessing games, puzzles, printable Baby Bingo and more. Including Free printable games and information to help you plan the shower with the least effort.
If you prefer the physical keepsake cards to be mailed to you, please click here for the notes of advice to be shipped to you.
If you prefer the physical game to be mailed to you, please click here for the game to be shipped to you.
Your guests may be stumped as they unscramble words associated with things having to do with babies and parenting!
Give your guests the chance to get to know the new mom and the new dad with our newest game, Getting to Know the Mom (and Dad!) -- You have the option to personalize this game with their names. How to Play: Distribute a pen or pencil and a bingo game card among each of your baby shower party guests. Get this interesting game for your girl baby shower party and it will cost you just ink and paper.

Click on the image given on the left to get the bigger version of this blue baby shower bingo card so you can use it for your boy baby shower party.
Here is another image that you can print for this classic baby shower gift bingo in gender neutral orange color.
We’ve officially launched our newest category of shower games – wedding shower games!
Quiz your baby shower guests with this fun and adorable Mommy’s Rhymes game where each participant tries to finish as many nursery rhymes as possible before the time runs out. It’s like Scattegories only for baby showers! In this cute and fun baby shower game each guest gets a game sheet and has 6 minutes fill in baby items that start with different letters.
In this super fun baby shower game each guest gets a game sheet and has 6 minutes to write down a baby item that starts with each letter of the alphabet… It’s like Scattegories only for baby showers!
Opposite poles is a super fun and cute co-ed wedding shower game that all your guests will love. We’ve been asked A LOT about our free baby shower games… And the good news is we are working to get free versions of all our games in the store and downloads section ASAP! This one is simple – just have the guys come and play poker off to the side while the ladies enjoy the shower!
Have each guy write down a funny story from childhood and have the mommy to be try to guess whose story belongs to which guy! Games are the heart and soul of a Baby Shower Party and more games you play , more fun you have. When your party guests are settled ask the mom to be to make a quick appearance and then move to the other room. The celebration can be an enjoyable experience for you, your family and also those that will share with you the special moment. Please be sure that when you order your PDF that we are able to deliver in a timely fashion for your shower.

It engages the guests in gift opening and make your Baby Shower party full of fun and laughter. Each guests will have to fill the blank boxes with name of the gift that he or she thinks that mom-to-be will be receiving that day. To get this image click on the baby shower gift bingo card given on the left and save the bigger image in your computer. Simply click on the image given on the left side and you will get the bigger version that you can either save or print.
If you’re guests are celebrity followers than they are sure to have fun with Celebrity Baby Match. They have to write name of anything that has something to do with baby and starts with each alphabet.
I have prepared Free Printable Baby Shower Gift Bingo Game Cards in blue and pink color for boy and girl baby shower and also in two gender neutral colors of green and orange so you can play this game even if you do not know or want to disclose gender of the baby.
Print as many copies as you want according to the number of your baby shower party guests prior to your party. In this cute printable baby shower game your guests will have a set time limit to match the baby’s name with their celebrity parents.
Just download and print one of our cute and fun babyshower games and you will have the most fun party!

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