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Our darling rockstar Baby Hazel is getting ready to go up on the stage and perform a rock show.
Privacy policy : We may use anonymous information that we collect from you to improve our services. Today Baby Hazel wants to try her skills in kitchen and cook some healthy food for herself.
Now Baby Hazel is having all the utensils and ingredients required for cooking yummy and healthy vegetable soup and pureed apples. Get in on the action by playing our free Baby Hazel games for girls!Baby Hazel Goes Sick Today Baby Hazel got sick.
Can you help her in buying utensils, fruits, vegetables, and spices required for cooking her favorite dish.
All these games can be played online directly, without signup or download required, but if you prefer to play games offline, you can also download any game file to your PC. Enjoy dressing up Hazel in cool outfit and accessories that gives her a perfect look of real rockstar. First of all, make the dining space pleasant by helping Baby Hazel to keep everything in the right place. In both cases no name, address, email address or telephone number is recorded and technical informationis only used in order to serve goods and services that may be of interest to you. Don't forget to fulfill the need of cute little pet as he has been waiting long for Hazel to have meal together. Baby Hazel games on this page are sorted according to users' rating, a game with the highest score is listed at first, so it's easy to find a good Baby Hazel game on GaHe.
We also add new games daily to ensure that you won't get bored of playing old games again and again. Help Baby Hazel and her friend Baby Jake, by fulfilling their needs while they play together. Once done, then don't wait for ant thing and just start feasting at tasty meal cooked by Hazel. Baby Hazel Gingerbread House Baby Hazel wants to renovate her gingerbread house for the Christmas season, she is really interested in maybe installing an outdoor pool and candy cane men to make sure that it all runs smoothly. Baby Hazel Preschool Picnic Help Baby Hazel in packing her picnic bag with essential stuff and some eatables also. Baby Hazel Flower Girl Baby Hazel has just received a very special invitation from her aunt, Lisa. She has been asked to be the flower girl for her wedding, and Baby Hazel couldn't be more excited. Baby Hazel Learns Vehicles Baby Hazel is getting ready for school, but it seems that the bus is running late.
But when you take her to Disneyland there are so many adventures waiting for her that she'll forget to do any kind of sad. Baby Hazel Skin Trouble Baby Hazel is beginning to experience some new things now that she's growing up.
She just got her first zit, and she's not really sure what to do to make the swollen pimple go away. Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure Baby Hazel was enjoying a relaxing vacation with her family on a cruise ship when she spotted a lighthouse through her binoculars. Baby Hazel Royal Bath Baby Hazel hasn't been getting as much attention as she's used to now that her brother, Baby Matt, is around. Baby Hazel Craft Time Baby Hazel`s festive holidays are almost over; however she is yet to complete her crafts assignment. Baby Hazel Dental Care Baby Hazel's mom has a busy day planned at work today and hired you to babysit her darling baby girl in her absence. Join Baby Hazel to learn about four different seasons in a year through fun-filled activities, tasks and assignment.
Baby Hazel Summer Fun Summer is here, and Baby Hazel can't wait to enjoy all of her favorite summertime activities.

Today is the first day of summer break, so Baby Hazel wants to kick back and relax by the pool.
This playful baby girl is very excited to start school so that she can meet and then play with new friends.
Baby Hazel Leg Injury Baby Hazel is spending the day having fun playing with her precious pet puppy, Bruno, while her mother is busy gardening. She just a new doll and needs to come up with a cute outfit for it, can you help Baby Hazel? Baby Hazel Reindeer SurpriseHot Game Can you help Hazel in grooming and pampering her little reindeer?
Uncle John has invited Baby Hazel and her family for New Year celebrations at the Ice Castle. Baby Hazel Family Picnic It's time for Baby Hazel to go for a picnic with her beloved family. Baby Hazel Beach Party Baby Hazel's cousins, Ashley and Elisa are throwing a beach party for her and Kayla. Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Day Baby Hazel loves to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family by enjoying a delicious feast.
Baby Hazel Backyard Party Sunday is Baby Hazel's favorite day to spend some time catching up on all of her favorite television shows. Baby Hazel Learns Manners Baby Hazel has been misbehaving lately, and is getting on her mother's last nerve. Baby Hazel Mother's Day Baby Hazel's mother is out doing some last minute shopping for Mother's Day dinner. Baby Hazel Ice PrincessHot Game Baby Hazel wants to dress up in a princess style for the party at Ice Castle. Baby Hazel Winter FunHot Game Baby Hazel is forced to stay home from school today because of the heavy storm that is covering her neighborhood in a blanket of snow.
Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance After school, Baby Hazel goes home to change into her pink leotard and frilly tutu before heading over to ballet class.
Baby Hazel African SafariHot Game Baby Hazel and her parents are taking a trip to South Africa for their annual family vacation.
Baby Hazel Birthday Surprise Can you help Baby hazel to organise a birthday surprise party?
Baby Hazel GoldfishHot Game Baby Hazel is very fond of pet animals, and really enjoys making them happy by taking great care of them. Baby Hazel Pet Hospital Baby Hazel runs a pet hospital and needs to take care of the cute animals. Baby Hazel Sibling Surprise Baby Hazel has to take care of her cute sibling, can you help her? Baby Hazel Pet Party It's finally the weekend, and Baby Hazel can't wait to get out of bed so that she can play with her precious pets. Baby Hazel Valentine's Day Today is Valentine's Day, so Baby Hazel's parents are going out to enjoy a romantic dinner together to celebrate. This year, Baby Hazel has been invited to her family's farm to collect fresh eggs so that she can paint them for the Easter egg hunt.
Baby Hazel Siblings Day Can you help baby hazel to take care of her siblings on siblings day? Today, Baby Hazel and Baby Matt have an appointment with dentist for routine dental checkup.
Baby Hazel Christmas Time Baby Hazel is preparing to celebrate her first Christmas by decorating the house and wrapping presents.
Baby Hazel Halloween Party Baby Hazel and her friends are very excited for the Halloween season. They love to see all of the jack-o-lanterns and cobweb decorations all over the neighborhood. Baby Hazel Tomato FarmingHot Game Baby Hazel decides to grow tomato plants in her kitchen garden.

That's why she likes to experiment with all sorts of toys in hopes that she stumbles upon her true calling.
Baby Hazel Pumpkin Party Jasmine plans to host a Pumpkin Party for Baby Hazel and her other friends.
Baby Hazel Hygiene CareHot Game Baby Hazel needs some advice on her hygiene while she's still young.
Baby Hazel has a garden in the backyard and she wants to grow different flowers and vegetables there. Baby Hazel Halloween Castle Baby hazel has to look for her friends all over the spooky castle, can you help Baby Hazel with her search?
Baby Hazel Sibling Care Baby Hazel is very much affectionate towards her little brother Matt.
Baby Hazel Laundry Time Baby Hazel and her pet kitten, Katy, were playing in the garden when clouds suddenly began rolling in. Baby Hazel First RainHot Game It's the first rain of the season, and Baby Hazel can't wait to go jump in puddles and count raindrops with her best friends. She's busy making pretty invitations and planning her outfit so that she can look fabulous for the tea party.
Baby Hazel Cleaning TimeHot Game Baby Hazel's mother is working hard to clean up the house after a family get-together. Baby Hazel Kite FlyingHot Game The weather outside is lovely, and the gentle breeze makes it the perfect time to teach Baby Hazel how to fly a kite. Baby Hazel Earth Day Today is Earth Day, so Baby Hazel and her friends have decided to help save the environment by cleaning up trash and watering plants. Baby Hazel Farm Tour Uncle Sam has invited Baby Hazel to take a tour of his farm so that she can meet all of the cute animals and learn more about the family business. Baby Hazel Parrot Care Baby Hazel loves animals, so it was a no brainer when the lady at the pet store told Baby Hazel that a tropical parrot was in need of a caring home.
Elsa's Secret Pregnancy Help Elsa prepare for becoming a mom, helping her pack for hospital, deliver the baby and care for it.
Twin baby room decoration gameHot Game Twin baby decoration game is a beautiful decoration game where you can decor a lot of rooms. She loves amazing fashion trends with bright colors and glitzy details, fit for a stylish baby girl. They will build a secret treehouse with lots of fun colors, where they can spend time and play with dolls.
Asian Baby Caring Can you help this mommy to take care of her cute little asian baby in this caring game? Join this mother to be as she redesigns herself in plenty of designer duds and pregnant friendly styles. Be the doctor on duty and perform a series of blood analysis and health tests on your cute patient. Angela Pregnant Check-Up Talking Angela is about to have a cute baby kitten so join her in an amazing doctor game for one last check up!
Barbie Breast Feeding Barbie and Ken have discovered that being parents is not only joy and pleasure, but also a lot of anxiety and hard work. Baby Anna Easter CakeHot Game Baby princess Anna has so much love for her elder sister Elsa. Cinderella Baby Wash Once upon a time, the beloved princess Cinderella had an adorable daughter which she loved and cared for the most.
Baby Hazel Fancy DressHot Game Baby Hazel is very excited to participate in a fancy dress competition. Can you help Baby Hazel with buying the right items and Elsa Mom to Be Elsa from Frozen is going to be a mommy!

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