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A Beautiful Gentle Organic blend of Pure Sunflower oil combined with the gentle healing properties of Calendula oil, perfect for nourishing your babies delicate skin, and for massage just before bedtime to help your little one get the most resful relaxing sleep possible. A Beautiful Gentle Organic blend of Pure Sunflower oil combined with the gentle healing properties of Calendula oil and a delicate touch of pure organic Lavender essential oil for its deeply relaxing soothing properties, perfect for nourishing your babies delicate skin, and for massage just before bedtime to help your little one get the most resful relaxing sleep possible.
Baby Massage ClassesMassage in general has been has been a wonderful tool for treatment of ailments and relaxation for centuries for adults, so what’s different about massage for babies? Mothers have been instinctively touching their infants with loving strokes since the beginning of time.
Babies come into the world from the safety and security of the womb, to a veritable explosion of stimuli – sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste; cold, heat, soft, hard, loud to name a few. So you can see how regular massage, even for a severely pre-term infant can be beneficial is so many ways and controlled studies have confirmed these benefits. According to Tiffany Field (Touch Institute, Florida), a renowned researcher of massage therapy, a controlled study of preterm infants showed that those that had problematic obstetric or perinatal histories gained more weight with regular massage than those who were not massaged. Infant massage is even a suitable gentle and drug-free treatment for infants suffering from disorders like cerebral palsy, autism and downs syndrome. For example, babies are very protective about having their chest massaged, as this is their emotional center, and for nine months in the womb, they naturally have their arms curled up in the foetal position protecting this area.
A common misconception is that massage is done at bath time, as baby is already undressed, and the oil can be washed off afterwards.
Some of the strokes that are taught originate from Indian massage techniques, which are more relaxing, and others come from Swedish massage techniques and are more stimulating, so you can see why some strokes are not suitable if you are trying to settle a sleepless baby. By the conclusion of the course, parents have the knowledge to perform a full body massage, and the tools to adapt the sequence to the ever-changing milestones of their growing child – right up to adolescence when that bonding continues.
The cost of each group course is $95 (minimum of 4 participants) – excellent value for something that will last a lifetime. Lyn has suitable and recommended massage oil available to purchase (oil used in classes is supplied free of charge), as well as instruction booklets complete with pictures, and CDs for those who need the visual information to review. The benefits of baby massage are practically endless; in fact it may be easier to say there are no non-benefits to massage.

Our baby massage course offers much more than just the practical strokes of how to massage your baby. We teach the traditional and authentic baby massage routine over five-weekly sessions, to avoid over-stimulation we choose not to mix massage with any other new baby programs. Our instructors are all fully qualified, insured and hold certification with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).
If no courses are showing in the timetable below, please scroll forward through the calendar to find the next start date. Special thanks to Keri Duckett, Adam Jay, Mae Burke, Jo Rodgers and Nicola Gwyther for their wonderful talent and spectacular photographs.
Recent medical research is proving that regular massage has numerous benefits for both parent and child.
It is a lot for their little brains and nervous systems to contend with, but they have the amazing ability to process it all. This is again, because of the release of the ‘feel-good’ hormones, plus the physical and deliberate touching and stoking creates a new awareness of eye contact and skin-to-skin stimulation. Another study in 1997 concluded that a mother’s depression can pass to baby; massage was one of the methods used to counteract negative affects on babies’ development.
Whether their little nervous systems are over or under-stimulated, particular massage techniques can be a valuable tool to assist in their daily routines. It is fascinating to watch each individual child in a class have different responses when ‘asked’ permission to be massaged – some are happy to have their chest stroked, some only want to be held, and others communicate that they want you to remove your hands from this area completely. Other methods are based on reflexology, which is the ancient method of using reflex areas on the feet, which are directly related to other organs in the body. A daily massage provides the perfect opportunity to meet your baby’s needs through skin-to-skin contact and deepens the bond between you.
Countless research studies have been published documenting why massage for a baby is so vitally important, but it is the feedback from parents that we think is the most valuable. Each weekly session covers the massage strokes and gentle stretches, as well as time for discussing relevant parenting topics.

The teacher will never massage a baby, the only person to touch or massage in our classes is the parent or caregiver. Regular massage can make this process faster, yet easier, with the added benefit of relaxation.
With all of those senses kicking into gear, the maturation of the nervous system has a huge bearing on how a baby deals with the processing of information.
Childhood Leukemia and Cystic Fibrosis are amongst diseases in which studies have proven that massage can be beneficial as a treatment.
The body language from a tiny baby is amazingly strong, when you know what you to look for. Massage oil on a baby must be completely edible, as they will be putting their hands and feet in their mouth. Regular baby massage aids relaxation and sleep, relieves wind and colic, promotes healthy development and physical well being leaving you feeling happy and connected with your baby.
This discussion time is for mothers and fathers to share ideas and experiences (if they choose to) and ask questions to the group and teacher.
One of the most valuable benefits to a baby who has regular massage is the more effective processing of the messages involving the vagus nerve in the brain that directly affects respiration and the digestive system.
The usual things that parents want to talk about are: sleeping, feeding, feelings and emotions, demands of becoming a parent, crying and not being able to put their baby down. For example, olive oil is edible, but is not suitable for massage, as it is not absorbed very well in the skin.

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