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You’ll love the names starting with ‘E’ as they signify new hopes and a bright future, just the way you’d like for your little ones. These names are as fabulous as the letter ‘F,' pick one of these elegant names for your little baby.
The letter ‘G’ is for gem, watch these kids sparkling like precious stones lighting up your life. The letter ‘H’ is for hero; watch these little superheroes attain new heights in life and make your proud.
The letter ‘I’ stands for intelligence, pick a name from our impressive selection of names for your little ones today.
Some of the most interesting names begin with the letter ‘K’ just what you may be looking for to name your baby. The letter ‘O’ stands for outstanding, that’s how these names are, just right to match your child’s personality. These names are full of love, have a rock solid foundation and are precious just like your little ones. Lionel Messi, considered one of the best soccer players of all time, the young Argentinian has brought back an almost forgotten name.
Cristiano Ronaldo is the heartthrob of professional soccer.  Striking good looks, Brazilian charm, and amazing athleticism has brought unique attention to this latin version of a traditional name. The handsome player from Wales, Gareth Bale has a name fit for Hollywood.  The Real Madrid star is making waves with this masculine and English name.

Although uncommon, Xabi might be one of the most unique names we’ve loved in a long time.  Xabi Alonso of Spain is not only known for his rugged good looks, but a huge playmaker for the top team in the world. Hailing from the Netherlands, Arjen Robben aka “The Flying Dutchman” is one of the coolest names coming out of World Cup 2014.  A perfect mix of ‘bad boy’ and traditional. The American defender, adorned with a fabulous Italian name, Fabian Johnson has been the talk of the US World Cup Team.  Only 26, this clean cut, yet rugged player helps demonstrate the chic and tough elements of the name. Referred as “Captain America”, Clint Dempsey is a Texas born star that is making waves among international players.  The striker is creating fear from other teams, and has brought back a masculine yet simple name.
Who hasn’t dreamed of David Beckham?  The hip and stylish star who looks better off the field in an Armani suit than in a jersey, he’s almost single-handedly brought back this religious name.
Although we won’t know which names become popular in which countries, it’s safe to say there will be distinct soccer-edge to babies this year.  So, is this the year husbands will get to give Baby the name?
Ravit Dayan is one of the writers for Belly Ballot which has been featured on NPR, The Washington Post, The Ryan Seacrest Show, USA Today, Parenting Magazine, etc.
Here’s our list of the top 10 Muslim baby names for 2016 that have been exclusively chosen by us for you. As a new parent, you'll have a wonderful time searching for the right name for your newborn when you go through our list, take a look.
These names with 'A' are full of beauty and symbolise new beginnings just as your journey into parenthood with your newborn. Names beginning with 'C' that have been chosen stand for being grounded, rock solid and with a charm of their own.

There's abundance, love and hope in these names, pick a name beginning with 'E' for your little munchkin from our list. They are forgiving, full of inner beauty and shine like jewels, pick a name for your baby with the letter 'G' from our list. These children are loveable, true and wise, you’ll simply love the names beginning with ‘H’ for your little girl or boy. These kids will bring the happiness and laughter into everyone’s life and are guaranteed to bring a smile across your face.
These kids are calm, noble and beautiful, watch them grow up to fulfill their dreams and be successful in life.
These names with ‘O’ are as unique just as your little ones and signify a bright and a happy new chapter in your life. These kids have a mind of their own, they are calm, patient and strong – definitely a born leader in the making. Pick a name from our list of top Christian baby names for your new born to start a new chapter in your life of parenting and unconditional love.

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