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Some families find that naps are easier, but many of the families we work with testify to just the opposite: that naps are HARD. Something else to factor in: nap time sleep needs change and shift more than nighttime sleep needs.
There are differences, but bear in mind that nap training and night training follow the same basic principles, and they’re based on the same premise. One of the biggest goals of sleep training is to help a baby or toddler overcome sleep associations. Do nap training and night training together: Some families opt to tackle naps and nights together, and to sleep train for both at the same time.
Do nap training first: Other families prefer to deal with naps first, and leave night training for later. Do night training first: Of course, some babies and toddlers nap pretty well but are up all night.
If you need help with either nighttime OR nap time sleep training, I urge you to download my popular free guide, 5 Ways To Help Your Child Sleep Through The Night. This entry was posted in Babies: 6 – 12 Months and tagged baby, child, nap training, naps, sleep training on November 17, 2015 by Nicole Johnson. Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily melee can't take your order(s).

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Your child will go through a handful of nap transitions in the first few years of life, because as he gets older, he needs progressively less daytime sleep. Remember, sleep training is simply the practice of helping your baby or toddler overcome his bad sleep habits and learn new, healthy ones. Regardless of the type of schedule desired, however, the “predictability and routine” aspect of sleep training affects both naps and nights. For some parents, it feels less stressful to deal with crying and fussing during the day, as opposed to dealing with it a 3 a.m. But the training itself may look a little different, or progress differently, since nap sleep is different to night sleep. The principles in this guide apply to both nights and naps, and they make a great place to start with sleep coaching.
You may very well have to teach your baby how to nap well, too, in addition to working on night sleep. For instance, a baby who has to be rocked to sleep at night will probably insist on being rocked to sleep for naps, too.

You’ll need to establish a timeframe for naps and for bedtime, and you’ll need to build some routines that will help ease your baby or toddler into both nap time and bedtime.
Some families prefer this approach because they feel that if they can finally get the rest they need at night, they’ll be more equipped to deal with any nap time drama that might happen during the day. This e-Book is 100% free and is a very quick read, which means that you can put the tips within it to work as early as your child’s next nap!
Weissbluth, nap sleep and nighttime sleep are actually controlled by different parts of the brain. That’s especially true if you’re an on-the-go parent who doesn’t spend loads of time at home. A toddler who needs mom in his room in order to fall asleep at night will probably need her there at naptime as well. We’ll compare nap training and night training, and we’ll explore when it’s best for nap training to happen.
And of course, your baby or toddler’s naptime environment is far different to his nighttime environment.

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