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Secrets to Living WellOur Living Well column is full of posts that will help you up the quality factor in your every day life. Printer-friendly versionWhen I was a kid, I was an Irish step dancer, and I absolutely loved it. I'd been so busy leading up to the latest issue of Festivities magazine, that I only had a few days to throw this party together.
Music is inextricably a part of Irish dancing, and instruments made the perfect props for our party. I'd agreed to make cookies for a friend's baby shower the day before the party, so instead of baking for each event, I just doubled up and made duplicates. I made royal icing soft shoes and poodle socks, and then let Ainsley be in charge of decorating the sugar cookies. Snickerdoodle blondies are the birthday girl's favorite cookies, and are outrageously fast and easy to make.

Those of you not in the Irish dancing community might not realize that it's intensely focused around competition.
I set up a photo booth for the kids, with Irish dancing style crowns instead of party hats, trophies, and of course, extremely curly wigs.
The Bracken school's Feis (say FESH, it's an Irish dancing competition) committee graciously let me borrow the award podiums we use at the annual Bracken feis each January. We had Irish music playing the whole time, and got most of the guests on the stage to teach the Seige of Ennis, a fun group ceili dance. Ainsley was especially tickled that several of the older dancers from the school came to her party. I also made some simple hair bows in a blingy Irish dancer style in case someone wasn't interested in the shoe bling. One of the things I love about Irish dancing, especially in a social setting, is that it's so family friendly.

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I know it would make dancing on your partner's feet a lot more literal, but also more fun! Patrick's day, of course, but the rest of the year, it's all about the competitions, just like any other rigorous sport.

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