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Baby Born does most of the things real babies do – she drinks from her bottle and can be fed her own baby food with a spoon, she requires her nappies to be changed and you can even potty-train her on her own Magic Potty which plays music, makes a flushing sound and flashes lights! Baby Born can cry real tears when she needs a cuddle and squeal with delight when she’s happy. Baby Born accessories include a bottle, plate, spoon, special doll food, nappy, dummies, outfit and even a birth certificate. This chic BABY born Stroller comes in handy whenever you want to go shopping or for a walk. PRETTY PINK TUTU FOR BABY BORN DOLL , WITH LITTLE HEADDRESS .MATCHES GIRLS VERSION FROM FRILLY LILY , MATCHING BALLET WRAP , AND BALLET SHOES ALSO AVAILABLE.
Moxie Girlz are full of confidence & energy with a positive attitude & courage to go for it! A fun present for little girls who want to be like mum, this baby boy doll comes with a pretty outfit in light blue with a matching hat. Because of the different size and shape of toilet bowls we now offer 2 different size clips. Potty Training Concepts Reply: The Weeman Potty Training Urinal is in fact only designed for normal sized toilets as noted in the description of the product. I have to admit that I'm not thrilled with a urinal in my bathrooms, but it worked and he's not so at risk of getting hit by the lid, falling in, etc. I am so happy with the weeman and it really works great I wish I could spread the word over here in my small community of baby boomers, it is a great product and it would surely sell well here. Another addition to the Zapf Creation Baby Born family, this lifelike boy doll comes with a range of accessories to make role playing more realistic and fun.
He can even close his eyes to mimic comfort when given his magic dummy (day and night dummies are included). There’s a plate, spoon, bottle and food to keep him well-nourished, plus a nappy to make sure he stays clean and fresh.

Cicciobello is a soft bodied doll that comes with everything needed to care for him, including medicine & dummy. In fact, the only thing that beats this toy is a real baby brother or sister for your little one to cuddle and hold.
And of course, there’s also the Magic Potty (requires two AA batteries, not included with the product) which is a great toy in itself with music, lights and a real flushing sound.
If you are looking for the Best prices or just to save money in the UK then you've hit the right Uk offer and compare place. With her soft body & big rolling eyes she"s the best cuddly friend a dolly mummy could ask for. There lots of space in the shopping net & the stroller is also fitted with safety straps for your BABY born boy doll. Featuring jeans, sweater & shoes, great for taking your doll out for the day!Doll sold separately. Make sure you check to see if the clip will fit the rim on your toilet or this product will be useless to you. If in fact this product is purchased and the clip does not fit, please contact us and let us know because we do offer larger clips when the original clips do not fit.
In addition to crying real tears, feeding and drinking, Boy is fully bathable and has moveable limbs.
While on the subject of magic, when Boy is seated on his potty it will play a cheerful song.
Keep Baby Boy warm by clothing him in his soft light blue sleeveless dress, pants and matching hat. The potty also features a button on the front that makes a real flushing sound and activates a flashing light.
With our new Scotty potty, our bathroom is cleaner and I'm not constantly cleaning up incidents.

I purchased it with the standard size tab and even though it doesnt fully "click" on it still stays put. My son actually enjoys attaching it and sliding it to his desired location on the toilet, so it is interactive for him.
I taught him to stand with both legs touching the bowl and not to move till he is finished peeing.
Then when they dump it, it runs over the top edges when it is lifted up, missing the toilet and making a mess on the floor. Also, I have a nine month old son who will use this when he is older, so it was a great investment! 4 Stars - Great Product (Dec 27, 2011) Reviewer: Felicia This is a great product. It took our son to day 2 to start using it and now he loves to pee and enjoys emptying the urinal himself. 5 Stars - LOVE IT!!!!!
I wish I knew about this product with my first son! 5 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous This thing works great. It's completely plastic so I'm not certain how long it will hold up; but the price is reasonable and another can easily be purchased. I don't know how it got him to go, even though he didn't seem interested before that day, but now he uses it all the time. Customer service was fantastic, and rushed out a bigger clip so that it could fit better on our toilet.
Wonderful company. 5 Stars - not ready (Nov 28, 2010) Reviewer: loretta my son does not want to even try to use is!

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