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While my replacement Tovah has been enlightening you on the topics of countertop sprouting, our right to a healthy environment and homemade Easter egg dyes, I'm immersed in baby sign language classes, story time at the library, mom and tot swimming and potty training. A large part of my quest to have a green baby was to go diaper-free or practice elimination communication (EC).
At four months old he uses the potty five or six times a day, as long as I'm not lazy and offer it. I challenge new moms and dads out there (as if you're short on challenges) — give it a try.
Here's how: after your baby wakes from a nap or immediately after a diaper change, hold your baby over the toilet or an infant potty and make this noise, psssssss. While I've missed inspiring the Queen of Green audience, rest assured I've taken my "green" ideas to various mom groups. Props to moms who can do this, I’m going to stick to cloth, I figure if you follow every other green parenting option out there this is the one to skip. From a psychodynamic view (psychology and child development) there can be a negative effect on the child if you try and hurry toilet training from what I understand. Though I feel I am very open-minded and have looked in EC, I think anyone who wants to give it a try needs to read this article from the post above written by a pediatric urologist (the link is below) and do some more research as well. I just want to offer an opposing view, as someone with an incurable terribly painful bladder illness and someone who works in the child development field. Would a flat diaper that you fold yourself not be much less work (and water, soap and hydro) to clean and dry than the usual sort you see these days? Way to go on using the no diaper method, that’s a huge commitment to make and a lot of hard work! She was doing her deeds on her own at about the usual time for toddlers, just before her 2nd birthday.
The David Suzuki Foundation does not necessarily endorse the comments or views posted within this forum. Mar 28 Posted by joy 14 Comments March 28, 2011 Posted by joy 14 Comments When my son still hadn’t potty trained through the night at age four, I wrote a post about trying to keep him dry through the night. Feb 16 Posted by joy 2 Comments February 16, 2011 Posted by joy 2 Comments We just returned, browned and blissful, from our nearly two week family reunion in Hawaii. Jan 27 Posted by rebecca 6 Comments January 27, 2011 Posted by rebecca 6 Comments After Joy’s recent posts about The History of Potty Training in America and Training Pants for Babies and Toddlers, I’m sure you’re left wondering, “What’s new in eco-friendly potty training gear?” Well, we’re here to satisfy your curiosity. According to the product description: The Safety 1st Nature Next potty is made of 50% bio-plastic in a zero landfill factory.

Jan 26 Posted by joy 8 Comments January 26, 2011 Posted by joy 8 Comments If you read my post on the history of American potty training, you know that infant potty training was the norm until the 1980’s when disposables gained a growing market share and experts re-thought toilet training norms from decades past.
Oct 20 Posted by joy 3 Comments October 20, 2010 Posted by joy 3 Comments Are your cloth diapers disintegrating before your eyes?  Do you pull a larger lump of lint out of the dryer with every cycle?  Are you a bit ashamed to send those raggedly cloth diapers off to daycare?  You’re not alone!
My small batch of cloth diapers has seen some serious wear and probably kept thousands of disposable diapers from the landfills.  I bought them secondhand from a cloth diaper service, used them with Roscoe, lent them to a friend for her two children, used them with Jovi, and then passed them onto another baby.  Wow!
Filed Under: Baby Care, Baby Gear, Cloth Diapers, Green Pregnancy, Living Simply, Potty Training, The Green Household Tagged With: buying used cloth diapers, cloth diaper wear, cloth diapers and embarassment, cloth diapers secondhand, damaged cloth diapers, ragged cloth diapers, replacing cloth diapers, secondhand cloth diapers, secondhand prefold diapers, used cloth diapers, worn cloth diapers, worn diaper embarrassment, worn out cloth diapers, worn velcro with cloth diapersWhen Should Your Child Be Potty Trained Through the Night? Sep 8 Posted by joy 12 Comments September 8, 2010 Posted by joy 12 Comments I was very proud of my potty training efforts with both of my children—but that overconfidence has quickly faded into green shame!
Jul 28 Posted by joy 10 Comments July 28, 2010 Posted by joy 10 Comments I’m happy to report that our 13 month old is going strong with infant potty training!  To be clear, she still wears cloth diapers and our only focus is getting her to poop on the potty.
Apr 21 Posted by joy 9 Comments April 21, 2010 Posted by joy 9 Comments It’s official.
Mar 15 Posted by joy 7 Comments March 15, 2010 Posted by joy 7 Comments It sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it?  Asking a tiny baby to be able to control her bodily functions?  I thought so too. I wouldn’t have remotely thought about perching my first child on the toilet simply because I had no friends or family who had ever attempted it.
I've got them putting their newborns on the potty, going scent-free, and doing baby massage and bath time with non-toxic products, too. I commend all of you moms and dads who are doing your best and have added "protect the planet" to your already full daily "to do" lists.
Would have worked great right up until we hit solids, when regularity of BM just went out the window. But, I remember reading a lot many articles and having a long discussions about children being potty trained at an early age.
When I worked in the Everest area of Nepal for seven years, this was the common practice among Sherpa women. The long-term issues are difficult to see at present but must be researched before trying EC.
All contributors acknowledge DSF's right to refuse publication of comments deemed to be offensive or that contravene our operating principles as a charitable organization. Family came from all over the United States and an aunt even flew in from Thailand to join the fun.  It was a glorious, peaceful trip that exceeded our wildest expectations. My son, who has worn disposables at night since babyhood, is still in diapers at night.  So even though he used cloth during the day for just a few years since infancy, he has filled the landfills with his nighttime diapers for four full years.

In a way this seems like a good thing–but it also means that we ate lukewarm microwaved dinners off of paper plates for a few weeks.
These days I’m firmly aboard the early potty training bandwagon now that my eight month old baby regularly poops on the potty. But when we wrote our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down-To-Earth Ways for Parents to Save Money and the Planet, I learned more about infant potty training and found it fascinating. She was perched on our wood floor, bare bottomed due to a slight diaper rash.  When she started to strain a bit, my husband and I scooped her up and set her on the potty. For those brave parents who want to ditch the diapers and start potty training at infancy this is the potty for you. In india it’s done a lot and there have been concerns that squatting or going to the toilet at an early age can cause physical issues later on especially in girls. I live with some of those problems (the thickening bladder wall as a result of holding as mentioned in one study) and it’s incredibly painful and brutal and the pain can cause muscle spasms in your hips, back, and legs.
This small, light weight potty chair can easily fit under an infant, and still be big enough for a 2 year old! My Chinese friend couldn’t believe it when she first saw Canadian toddlers wearing diapers. For some reason, she only poo’d ever couple days (I was breastfeeding exclusively) and she would make a certain face when she was going to to poo — so that was easy too!
Baby Bjorn Little Potty Chair - Green is also a great portable potty chair for leaving in the car or at Grandma's house, because it is light weight and easy to pack away!
I can’t say I always caught her, as at the time it was not my goal, I just found that I often knew when anything was coming. Get all the facts first and make an educated decision so your kids don’t have long-term issues. She’d brought her own baby clothes, and any she bought here in Canada, she had to cut the bums out. She would kind of bend her baby (12 weeks old when she arrived here) over a big bowl after every nap and snack.

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