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Here is another very interesting game for a group of people who like to play game while remaining seated.
How to play:Distribute baby shower food scramble game cards amog your baby shower party guests along with a pen or pencil. Print this very interesting food scramble game in blue color after clicking on the image on the left and saving the bigger image in your computer.
If you are having a girl baby shower then you would like to use this printable game in pink color. For a gender neutral baby shower party I have prepared baby food scramble game in green color. Baby Shower Games Pinterest Pictures, Baby Shower Games Facebook Images, Baby Shower Games Photos for Tumblr.
Browse gallery video and picture of baby shower bingo game cards item 12316 printable baby shower game and get inspired.
These invitations are part of our one style design, created with little nuances for food and bottle labels, thank you cards and cupcake toppers as well. Subscribe to our free email newsletter to stay up to date regarding Pregnancy, Baby Shower, Labor & Babies.

Crossword puzzle is a classic game and I have prepared this free printable baby shower crossword puzzle game with clues about baby and baby related items. How to Play: Distribute the puzzle game and pens among your baby shower party guests and ask them to finish it within five minutes time. If you are having a girl baby shower then you will surely like to use this crossword puzzle game that I have prepared in pink color. For boy baby shower party you can save and print this free printable crossword puzzle game in blue color.
If you do not know gender of the baby or do not want to disclose it to anyone then you can use this gender neutral game printable in brown color. Moms in your baby shower party are supposed to win this game more easily as they have to unscramble baby food names.
Ask your baby shower party guests to unscramble all the food names with in five minutes of time.
Blue version of this game is perfect if you are holding a boy baby shower and this printable will go well with any baby shower theme. I loved the games you have and I was wondering if you had a Scavenger Hunt with clues that are a rhyme or riddle so people would have to think before they could find the item." After reading Kayleene's email, I thought about how fun a baby shower game specific scavenger hunt would be.

To get this image in larger size just click on the image on the left and save the bigger version in your computer by right clicking and saving it. Just click on this blue image and save the bigger image in your computer for printing later. I have made really cute free printable baby food scramble game for baby shower party in three colors so you can easily play this game on girl or boy baby showers and even when you do not know or do not want to disclose gender of the baby.
If you print this game on card stock then it will give an entirely different effect and feel. You can add lots of fun to your baby shower party with this game in the cost of just printer ink and paper.
From there you just choose the directory from your computer where you saved the picture and click INSERT.

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