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Free Printable Baby Shower Games - Find guessing games, puzzles, printable Baby Bingo and more.
Including Free printable games and information to help you plan the shower with the least effort. Below are our 2 free printable shower games : Baby Shower Bingo and Baby Shower Word Scramble, which can be used for either a girl or a boy. A close second (and possibly even tied for first) in the baby shower game popularity contest is the Baby Shower Word Scramble.
Click here to see screenshots of all the games included in the Baby Shower Games in a Box package.
Hopefully you at least took advantage of the free printable baby shower games above, even if you decided not to check out the rest of the printable games.
You can also visit our home page to learn how to play some other great baby shower games … and of course they’re free! Hosting a Baby Shower?Welcome to the ultimate Baby Shower website - for all your baby shower needs.
14 Printable Baby Shower Games (8 different games total): Baby Shower Bingo and Word Find, plus unique, one-of-a-kind games, like Baby Shower Sudoku. This MP3 soundtrack will put her baby to sleep faster & help her baby to sleep through the night. What's in your purse is yet another fun and free printable baby shower game and it will be greatly enjoyed at a ladies only baby shower party.
How to Play: Distribute what's in your purse game cards along with a pen or pencil among each of your baby shower party guests.
This is a cute and charming free printable design in blue color for the baby shower game, what's in your purse. This is printable for the same game in gender neutral green color and you can use this for both boy and girl baby shower parties and also if you do not want to disclose gender of the baby.
If you are having a girl baby shower then you will surely appreciate this free printable in pink color. If you've played board games like Scattergories, you know how fun (and challenging) it can be to come up with objects that start with a specific letter. At the end of two minutes, you can go around the room, asking each guest to say her answer aloud for each letter. Word scrambles are a lot of fun, and they work well to get the attention of the whole group before you begin a more involved game or start opening gifts. Your shower guests may think they know a thing or two about babies, but they can really test their knowledge with this tricky trivia quiz.
The gift opening is the main event of any shower, and everyone loves seeing the mom-to-be react to her presents.
As the mom-to-be opens each gift, guests can place a sticker over the corresponding baby item on their bingo cards.
When a guest gets five in a row in any direction, including corner to corner, that guest is the winner. If no one wins before the gift opening is finished, the winner is the person with the most stickers in a row.

At the end of the game, have guests count up their correct answers to find out who is the winner. Another popular shower game is the candy bar game; get the rules and a printable game card for the baby candy bar activity.
Free printable shower games are the perfect way to stretch your baby shower budget without sacrificing fun.
Here is another very interesting free printable scramble game for Baby shower where guests will have to unscramble baby body parts name.
How to Play: Distribute printed baby body part scramble game along with pens or pencils among your baby shower party guests. If you are having a boy baby shower party then grab this baby body part scramble game printable in blue color.
If you do not know or want to disclose gender of the baby then this orange colored free printable baby body parts scramble game is perfect for your baby shower party. Mocktails are a great way to add some fun to your next baby shower if you can’t bust out the booze.
Summer is the perfect timer for entertaining outdoors, so gather your gingham decor and throw a co-ed Baby-Q baby shower that will satisfy both the guys and the gals!
Nothing is cuter or more loved for your baby shower guests than this mama and baby bottle of SKYY Vodka. You could even throw it in as a prize to incentivize all the gals to play your super fun and well planned baby shower games. Since this was an all female shower, I decided to make up these simple Pedicure In A Jar kits to give away to the game winners.
Browse gallery video and picture of baby shower bingo gifts printable baby shower games printable and get inspired. The celebration can be an enjoyable experience for you, your family and also those that will share with you the special moment. You can click on the links below and that will take you to the download page to print them – did I mention they’re free printable baby shower games? Just to keep the shower going and keep the socializing (and friendly competition!) at a rise, time this game also.
As an added bonus, everything you bought for this game can be given as a baby shower gift to the mother-to-be.
Whether you're hosting a shower, going to a shower, or you are the mother-to-be, here you'll find everything you need for the perfect baby shower!
Other games include What's in Mommy's Purse, The Price is Right, Baby Race Name, Baby Word Scramble and Draw the Mommy.
Until one afternoon, a strange breeze blew through the jungle trees, blowing her spots right off! I have prepared free printables for this game in three colors so you can match and print the game according to the theme of your baby shower party. Save it by following the same method as I've mentioned for the blue printable for this game.
I am sure that your baby shower party guests will also appreciate graphics of this game as they will enjoy playing it.

Shower games can help break the ice, allowing the guests to feel at ease and have a fun time together. This free printable game is designed to test your shower guests' word skills, and it's likely to lead to a few hilarious conversations too. Explain that the person who unscrambles the most baby related words in one minute will win.
The baby-themed questions on this printable trivia game are challenging, so you'll want to give guests a couple of minutes to answer. However, at large showers, this part of the festivities can get a little long for some guests. After all the guests have read their answers to a question, the mom-to-be can tell everyone the correct answer.
With these great games, your shower guests will feel relaxed and happy to be celebrating with the mom-to-be, and you'll be proud to host an entertaining get-together.
I have made printables for this game with beautiful graphics and in three colors so you can use it on your boy or girl baby shower Party and even if you do not want to disclose or know gender of the baby. You can print as many copies of these as you want on your home printer or take them to the local print shop. Your guests are sure to love you when they receive one of these when they leave your house.
Have your guests try to guess the correct prices of a number of popular and common baby items. We have also listed some other great printable baby shower games we think you may be interested in that you can print right from your computer. Ginger goes in search of her spots, and what she finds on her journey is an amazing lesson for all.
You can print this game either on ordinary printing paper or on card stock paper according to your budget preferences and convenience. Right click on that image and save that in your computer so you can print that for your boy baby shower party. Consider pairing people up into teams for this game, giving guests a chance to get to know one another. Just click on the image on the left and save the bigger image in your computer to print for your baby shower party. Since we aren’t drinkers, I thought I’d round up 50 great ideas for drinks to ring in the new year with. I used mason jars I already had on hand and filled them with pedicure supplies (which I purchased at my local Dollar Tree). So browse this whole page…you may find something you never knew existed in the baby shower game world! Click here to get solution for Baby Body Parts Scramble Game so you can check answers of your baby shower party guests.

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