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If you are hosting a baby shower and want to include games in that to make it memorable for your guests then you will surely love this free printable baby shower word search game that I have created in four different colors.
How to play: Distribute printed baby shower word search game and pens among your baby shower party guests. If you are hosting a boy baby shower then you will surely appreciate this free printable word search game in blue color. For your girl baby shower get this pink word search puzzle and make your party guests concentrate a little. Baby Shower Alphabet game is a very interesting game for baby shower so I have made free printables for this game in three colors. How to Play: Give your baby shower party guests a printed sheet for this alphabet game in color of your choice and a pen.
Be sure to check out the instructions of our free baby shower games printables for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.
Unlike other bingo games, this one doesn't come with numbers that one usually find on traditional bingo, or even words related to babies and baby showers on typical baby shower bingo games. If this did not exactly tickle your fancy, we also have other animal themed games that you can check out. Our free baby shower games printables are saved as images, and you can get them the same way you download other images around the net.
If you don't mind answering a survey or two, we also provided a means for you to download all these cards in one single PDF file.

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In light of everything going on in the world and especially in our nation, we can certainly see that its past time that we come together. In order to grab it just click on the image on left size and you will see the bigger printable version. There are alphabets written from A-Z with a space in front of the alphabets where your baby shower party guests can write words starting with that alphabet.
Whether you are throwing her a farm animal themed shower, or maybe a jungle themed one, the printable game on this page might just be what you want. The word list of this bingo game is still about mom and babies, which is why we're pitching it as a baby shower game, but it's more of the mom and babies of the animal variety.
This includes (but is not limited to) another bingo game that features animal moms and dads, and another game that will challenge your guests' ability to match the baby with the right mommy. If you are pretty sure answering a survey or two won't really irritate you, then we say go for this approach by following this link, and since said page also contains other PDF files containing cards from other games, plus the fact that when you answer said survey you are basically helping our site to exist for another day, this is definitely a WIN-WIN option, if we may say so. Click on any of the images that you like to print and right click and save the bigger image.

So if you think this is a great game idea, then just find the right card that will fit your event (the first game card is for baby boys, while the second card is for girls). We suggest you visit our baby shower game main page and see for yourself all our different printable games. Just right click on the image you want, and when prompted, choose either Save File As or Save Image As since this depends on the browser you're using, and save it to C:\Images or your preferred image folder. These colors are perfect if you do not want to disclose gender of the baby or do not know it yet.
Since we're pretty sure you will need more than one card for your event, just go to our free baby shower games printables main page, and from there, follow the provided links so that you can go to the other pages and download the other cards listed there. If you think your event is better off with a more active game, you can also check out our non-pen and paper game on the same page, just scroll down to the bottom section which says Traditional Baby Shower Games for different game ideas that you can include on your baby shower.
Do this process until you have all the game cards you need for your event, which will most likely be dependent on how many guests you will have.
Majority of these ideas require some preparation on your part, and is usually more physical, but if you think this will really add the right spice to your event, we say go for this approach!

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