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Games like dirty diapers, dress a doll and the clothespin game are especially funny and wow your guests. There are a number of ideas for these baby shower games which range from simple to sweet and funny. Games like baby mad labs which is based on fill in the blanks about the mother and baby and then reading the stories loud, jelly babies, dress the baby and some guessing games like belly measure game, which is a simple game where everyone has to make a guess of how many centimeters the would-be-mother’s belly is, weight game, baby food game where guests are supposed to guess which baby food they are tasting being blindfolded.

These baby shower games are fun for all the guests and people of any age group can take part in it. So plan for these games, enjoy the party as these fun games are going to make the moment memorable.
As your favorite mom-to-be prepares for the anxiety provoking adventure of becoming a parent these funny baby shower games will hopefully be a fun relaxing event that helps take the load off her shoulders.

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