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We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. Zebra Finch, also known as Chestnut-eared finch, spotted-sided finch and Nyi-Nyi, is a small bird with a thick, pointed triangular beak, grayish-brown wings and a black and white striped chest like a zebra. Several color mutations of the Zebra Finch is available like grey, dominant silver, fawn, saddle backed, chestnut flanked white, yellow beak, black bodied silver, cream backed, dark cream and so on.
Their cheerful, rhythmic song as well as their bright colorful appearance makes them popular as pets.
A large, spacious, well ventilated cage of about 30 inches in length, placed in a quiet corner of the house is suitable for these birds.
It is recommended to provide a nest basket as these birds enjoy sleeping in nests. A wooden nest box is also required, as they have a habit of laying their eggs in any available space, including the food tray. A paper substrate should be placed at the bottom of the cage so that any abnormalities in their droppings may be easily inspected.
The birds are well adjusted to room temperatures, but must be kept away from air conditioning units or cold drafts. Though full spectrum lighting is often used by people to prevent molting, it is not necessary for the Zebra finch.

These calm, sociable birds tend to display their loyalty to their owners by fluttering or singing in his presence.
These seed-eating birds are fond of millet seeds, while any sprouted seeds are beneficial for them. A shallow dish of water should be placed at the bottom of their cage for bathing to keep their feathers clean. Most of the illness suffered by these otherwise hardy finches is due to improper diet as well as unclean environment. The males of dimorphic species can be distinguished from the females by the bright chestnut patches on their cheeks. Scientists have discovered that the male finch’s song is a result of about 2000 genes present in a specific area in its brain, known as “Area X”. After being weaned, the young ones are chased off by their parents who start a different clutch of eggs. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. It is advisable to keep only a pair of finches in a single cage due to the territorial nature of the males. Proper amount of fruits and vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce, broccoli, spinach, apple, banana, mangoes must be added to their regular diet.

Their nails should be occasionally trimmed, but caution must be taken as little bleeding may be fatal for them.
Some of the common diseases are leg cramps, heat stroke, egg binding, mites, diarrhea, sore eyes, scaly legs, broken wings, baldness, constipation, tumors and concussion.
They thrive well in a moderately warm environment; however, direct sunlight should be avoided. Cuttle bone, hard-shelled boiled eggs, grits and pellets form a good source of calcium and vitamins.
Sick birds should be isolated and kept in a separate cage with a temperature of about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Small bells or ladders may be kept inside the cage; however, long strings should be avoided to prevent any obstruction or injury during flight. They can also be kept in aviaries, which should be protected from hawks, cats as well as harsh weather conditions. While keeping multiple pairs in a big cage, pinch clothespins may be placed on the perches at a distance of about six inches to demarcate the territory of each pair.

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