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He has all the symptoms of teething, but I expected teeth to come from the top of his gums, not the front. Probably teething, you may be seeing some of the outlines of teeth in there, but it takes a while of them being in the teething stage before the little buggers shoot out. Give him various teething items (buy a few different brands to see what works for him) and if gets really cranky, go for some sort of medicinal pain relief.
Anyway, judging by the looks of his gums, it looks like something might finally be coming in.
I'd also guess teething - and, you may or may not want to look - but this image of a child's skull with baby teeth and adult teeth from the Hunterian Museum in London was going around the internets not too long ago, and it kind of explains everything.
Hah, we just asked our pediatrician about our little guy's desire to bite on things at our son's 4 month check-up.
That said, as with most things baby-timeline related, babies can get their teeth at a range of times, from being born with teeth to getting teeth in at 5+ months old. As for sleep, we do swaddle and I forgot to mention we were out of town for the holidays so that of course affected his sleep. So what I'm saying is, just because baby's teething doesn't mean you'll be seeing teeth any time soon.
Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. March 25, 2013 by Carrie 10 Comments After the past few weeks of life with a baby teething, I’ve done quite a bit of research (and shopping, of course) for relief for this poor little boy. I am a Mom who loves her kids, loves to write, loves to bake, cook, and create, loves the hubs, loves Christ, and loves to be with people. I wish that Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby Teething Tablets and gel was around when my kids were babies!

Mine are well past the age of teething, but I remember when I found Hyland’s it was like angels were singing. Sophie, the mesh feeders and Hyland’s were all such help for us when our daughter was teething!
There are so many more options available than when my last children were teething 4 years ago! Normally I'd google myself up an answer for this, but I can't find many pictures of teething gums.
If saying it is teething makes everyone feel better about it (because 'an answer' is better than 'no answer'), go with it. And thus we all asked him all sorts of teeth questions all the time at that stage, as I recall.
The reason I ask is because we were previously convinced he was teething but it turned out to be just a regular old baby grump spurt combined with finally figuring out how to get those hands to stay in his mouth. It's been a few years since my kids teethed (THANK YOU GOD!) but I do remember it going on foreverrrrrr. Our doc said that the usual 4 month old baby's brain is focused on putting things in his or her mouth as a way of learning about the world at large, and that teething usually comes in a few months.
What we see in his mouth may or may not be teeth, and if they are, they may or may not pop out anytime soon. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder: Fresh food nets can be used as teething tools when filled with frozen fruits or ice chips.
Now I recommend that to all first time moms so they don’t have to wait to find it on their own. It felt so empowering to have all natural remedies that actually worked to help her through that pain!

Our doc said that teething toys are nice because they're safe for nomming on, and you can get a variety of hard textures, but other toys will also get chomped on and all drooly.
He also says that the excessive drool that is produced could be swallowed, resulting in mild diarrhea and diaper rash, cough and fever.
It’s also recommended that you watch your child and keep them seated to prevent choking. Berries and apples work nicely, as well as frozen banana – although it will make a mess! In my spare time, which comes sparingly, I love to snuggle up under a blanket with some ice cream and some good tv! Also, we found that for one of our babies, she had acid reflux, which is more common in children than most people realized (my sister's baby had it too).
From what I hear, the spots are painted in with some sort of vanilla extract which helps soothe sore gums.  He gnaws on the feet and horns, mostly.
And be prepared to bathe them often as the biscuits seem to dry like concrete on their skin. The warmth of the baby’s skin releases oils from the amber which are absorbed into the bloodstream.
The amber then acts to reduce drooling and the cheek’s redness, as well as soothe pain.
He can play with it in his little hands without dropping it as it’s attached to Mommy.

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