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She asks for her potty when she needs to answer the call of nature and if it's not forth- coming, will apparently wait 'for hours' for her parents to fetch it.
Experts say Izabella's behaviour is 'extremely unusual' a€” and her parents clearly believe that their little girl is something of a genius.
Jill Irving, a health visitor for parenting website BabyCentre, says: 'The average child will begin potty-training at 24 months. Reluca met Finn a€” who has two children from a previous marriage, Adam, 12, and Erin, six a€” through mutual friends three years ago. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. On Wednesday, detectives conducted interviews and reviewed video footage, identifying Lefleur as the mother.
It continues: 'By law, breastfeeding mothers are not protected from harassment and refusal of service in public, often forcing them to feed in secluded spaces such as public bathrooms. One fan wrote: 'I am breastfeeding my beautiful daughter and I do this wherever I am, however I always feel on edge that someone is going to have a go. Ashley Nicole Cox was visiting an inmate, believed to be her boyfriend, at a men's prison in Oldham County, Kentucky, when she gave birth to the girl in a toilet. Her claims she had suffered a miscarriage were rubbished by doctors who said the baby was 'alive and well when she was born'. After hospital tests revealed her deceit, a search was conducted at the prison and the body of the infant was found in a bin. Autopsy results showed that the baby girl was alive and healthy when she was born but could not determine a cause of death. According to a report made at the time of her arrest, Cox suffocated the baby by stuffing toilet paper into her mouth, the Courier Journal reports. A six-month-old girl from Sun Valley, California, narrowly escaped death after falling into the toilet while playing with her older sister alone in a locked bathroom Tuesday.Los Angeles police Lt. Harrelson said first responders who arrived on the scene were able to open the childa€™s airways and she started to cry.Police received a call at around 10am Tuesday from a woman who said that her young baby daughter had fallen in the toilet,A Daily News Los Angeles reported. The mother explained that her two-year-old daughter was playing in the bathroom with her younger sister and locked the door, so the woman had to force her way in.Inside, the woman discovered her baby head-down in the toilet bowl with her legs in the air.
When officers arrived at the home in the 8200 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, the baby was barely breathing. So meet the very intelligent Izabella Oniciuc, who at an age when most children are playing with their teddies while wearing Pampers, prefers not to lower herself to such indignity.

Astonishing as this is a€” most babies are 32 months old before their mums can count on clean nappies a€” her potty training is the least of it.
Is Izabella really a child genius or are her proud parents merely a little deluded?At their two-bedroom flat in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, Izabella is a picture of cuddly contentment. Before this, it is usually not physiologically possible, as a child cannot achieve voluntary control of their bowels. They quickly started trying for a baby of their own, but it took nearly two years for Reluca to get pregnant.'I'd been crying all the time because it wasn't happening,' she says.
A further one-year term on the concealment charge will run concurrent with the other terms. Scott Harrelson said the children's mother had to kick the door in after hearing her two-year-old daughter calling for help from inside the bathroom. They proceeded to clear her airwaves and managed to revive the girl before she was airlifted to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
I was sceptical at first, but when we realised Izabella was making sounds for specific things a€” such as "eh" for milk and "boo boo" for toilet a€” it was a revelation.
Snuggled up in Finn's arms on the sofa in their living room, she gazes up at him with huge chocolate-button eyes, while Reluca shows me a pale-pink album containing memories of their little girl's first months. The woman immediately pulled the baby, identified as Charlotte, out of the toilet, and she was blue but slightly breathing.
The grainy black-and-white image on theA  12-week scan looks, well, like every other 12-week scan. If you sit a baby on a potty regularly enough, they will perform.'Indeed, another method called 'Elimination Communication' a€” which involves placing a baby on a potty to encourage him or her to use it a€” has been around for decades, and is commonplace in some countries, including Reluca's native Romania.
In addition to breastfeeding in bathrooms and cars, I (as a teacher) had to pump in the co-ed faculty high school bathroom between classes.'Miss Haro and Mr Wenske have also designed an app as part of their Breast Friends project, which will allow mothers to search for places that support breastfeeding and have a friendly attitude towards it. Her mother and father played the Baby Mozart album to her in the womb, made sure she was exposed to a range of languages after she was born, and refused to let her go to nursery school for fear it would hinder her development. So I was so thrilled when I discovered I was expecting a€” but quite paranoid throughout the pregnancy that something would go wrong.'Despite the anxiety, it was a smooth pregnancy.
Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have laws that specifically give women the right to nurse in public.However, in many cases, the legislation would not allow a mother to take legal action against a person who harasses or discriminates against her.
And Reluca, a former nanny, was aware of the calming effect music can have on babies, so she would often play Mozart to her unborn child, finding it soothed her if she was agitated.
Numerous studies have discovered music can help build neural pathways in the brain (along which information and thoughts pass) when played to babies in the womb and during the first few months of their lives.

Finn disappears and quickly returns with a plastic potty that he places underneath his daughter so she can answer the call of nature. Izabella was delivered by Caesarean section on September 24, after being induced at 40 weeks.
As many a parent will know, potty training usually takes patience and many months, if not years, of coaxing to perfect. Most children learn between 18 and 32 months, but it can take three years and even longer to perfect. Indeed, several horrified headteachers are reporting that some children are still not potty-trained by the age of five. I honestly think that it traumatised her because from then on, she's never ever been in her nappy. She's always waited for me to take it off before going.'The couple brought Izabella home after two days, and she began to develop much more quickly than they expected. But, according to her parents, Izabella has been using words (albeit mainly ones of her own devising) since she was just weeks old. They say that now she is even starting to grasp the difference between her mother's Romanian tongue and English.I listen hard, determined to work out whether Izabella really is supremely gifted. To me they sound like any other baby's gurgles, but according to Mum and Dad, they all have specific meanings. Reluca says: 'She's used "ger" for Daddy, "ah" for Mummy and 'eh" for milk for a long time.
And I have a Hungarian friend who has been showing her cartoons in her language.'As for reading, Reluca says her daughter knows when to turn the pages in her favourite stories.So what next for Izabella?
One thing is for sure, she won't be going to nursery and wasting time playing with other children.
He says neither of his children from his first marriage were as communicative or controlled as Izabella at her age. When we play music to her, she lies back and waves her hands in the air as if she is conducting. So maybe that was a premonition!'Finn, spooning orange baby mush into Izabella's eager little mouth, is slightly more circumspect.'I think we'll take each day as it comes,' he says.

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