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Yesterday, LifeNews celebrated moms for Mother’s Day on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Then today, we unfortunately had to profile a woman from Virginia who received only a three-year suspended sentence for drowning her newborn baby in the toilet. One brave Massachusetts mother celebrated Mother’s Day in the hospital, after saving the life of her son but not knowing if she will ever walk again. Simoes of Haverhill, Mass., was in her home May 7 when a fire broke out, leaving the 23-year-old and her 18-month-old son, Cameron, stranded on the second floor balcony.
Unfortunately, Simoes may never be able to walk again, but her selflessness saved her child’s life.
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Last week, my 11-month-old son figured out how to work the childproof latches on the kitchen cupboards. If you cut a slit or an X in a tennis ball, or slit a pool noodle all along one side, they make terrific bumpers.
And this story the web site Rare profiles is just one of those kinds of stories of heroic moms. These were legit childproof locks, too, not the crummy cheap kind that a blind wombat on a bender could get open given a few tries. The downside is that I keep forgetting these are in place and trying to open the cupboards, only to be confounded. This threshold has been moving upward at an alarming clip the last few weeks, culminating in my son (who’s taller by a few inches) being able to pull things off of the top shelf of the changing table. As long as they don’t figure out that they can knock it over by throwing their weight hard enough at the free side.

Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The other downside is that the kids are furious that they can’t take all the Tupperware out and drool in it anymore. No more uncomfortable questions with strangers who do not have one-year-olds and who thus do not understand one-year-olds’ proclivity to hurl themselves face-first at obstacles.
I am outnumbered and outmatched, but at least everyone else can benefit from my struggles to find the childproofing tricks hacks that will work best to keep your little hellbeasts darlings alive.
Plus, when they’re screaming out their rage over their inability to wreak havoc on the Pyrex mixing bowls, they tend to throw their head forward and bash themselves on the cupboard corners and knobs.

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