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Even in the best scenario, (maybe this is a brand-new toilet??) this is freaking disgusting and stupid. Somewhere in the same portfolio there’s a rope that has been cut and a loaf that has been pinched. For me, the toilet is not even the most horrible element of this shot, although of course it’s pretty horrible.
My little Moses is sleeping in the next room, and I can hardly wait until he wakes up so I can just hold him again.
Yes, people must always be held accountable in the court of humanity for their actions, but the verdict is very different in the courts of heaven. I’ve bawled for hours thinking about how much I adore my son and how there are babies out there who are unwanted and abused. Because the more I can help to lead people into the arms of unconditional love, the more they pass on that unconditional love to their children.
One of my readers posted a link to an amazing article about the baby’s mother and how no charges will be pressed against her! Not wanting her child, but unwilling to leave him to die in the drain, she reportedly notified a neighbor of sounds coming from the pipes, who then called police to investigate. Firefighters were then called to gently cut the child free from the pipe using pliers and handsaws. The Associated Press reported that the mother had told police that she had initially refused to step forward because she had been frightened about the incident, but eventually had a change of heart and told officials she was in fact the mother.
Interestingly enough, it appears the human legal courts have decided to grant her mercy as well. Hate to say it… but I really doubt that legal outcome would ever happen if this had been in the US.

BEIJING -- A Chinese newborn who was rescued from a sewer pipe has been released to his family and his mother is unlikely to face criminal charges because authorities concluded he fell into the toilet after his birth accidentally, local officials and media reports said. The baby was released from a hospital to his maternal grandparents late Wednesday, while his 22-year-old mother remains under medical care, the state-run Jinhua Evening News reported, in an account confirmed Thursday by a local police official who declined to give his name.
The baby's stunning, two-hour rescue from a pipe underneath a squat toilet in Zhejiang province's Pujiang county captivated the world, prompting both horror and an outpouring of charity on his behalf. The mother initially raised the alarm about the baby when he got stuck Saturday in a pipe just below a squat toilet in a public restroom of a residential building, but she had cleaned the room of signs of a fresh birth and did not immediately come forward as the mother, officials have been quoted as saying. She admitted she was the mother two days later when confronted by police who found baby toys and blood-stained tissues in her apartment, the reports said. Police later concluded that the incident was an accident and that the woman did not initially come forward because she was frightened, but that she later started telling the truth, the Jinhua Evening News and a Pujiang county propaganda official said. A man tracked down by police who is believed to be the baby's father has requested a paternity test and -- if the baby is his -- is willing to help support the child, said the Pujiang official, who declined to give his name, as is customary among Chinese officials. Officials have not publicly released the names of anyone connected with the case, which has raised discussion over China's lack of proper education about sex, birthing and contraception in many schools. Duan Wanjin, a criminal lawyer based in Xi'an, said local police erred in not prosecuting the mother. Sociologist Li Yinhe said the only mistake by the woman was not to immediately admit the baby was hers.
The woman told police she got pregnant after a brief affair with the man, hid her pregnancy from family and neighbours, and secretly delivered the child Saturday in a rental building's restroom. Firefighters who arrived at the rental building found the infant trapped in an L-shaped section of sewage pipe just below the squat toilet in one of the building's shared restrooms. In video footage, officials were shown removing the pipe from a ceiling that apparently was just below the restroom and then, at the hospital, using pliers and saws to gently pull apart the pipe, which was about 10 centimetres in diameter.

The baby, who weighed 2.8 kilograms, had a low heart rate and some minor abrasions on his head and limbs, but was mostly uninjured, according to local reports.
In this Tuesday, May 28, 2013 photo, the baby who was rescued after being trapped in a sewage pipe moments after his birth, lies in an incubator at a hospital in Pujiang county in east China's Zhejiang province. A baby who was rescued after being trapped in a sewage pipe just below a squat toilet in a public building, lies on a bed at a hospital in Jinhua city, eastern China, May 25, 2013.
The feet of a newborn baby boy are seen in a toilet bowl where he was stuck in Pujiang in east China's Zhejiang province, Saturday May 25, 2013.
I don’t normally condone violence, but baby photos with a scat theme is beyond the pale. God Loves Ugly will shift the way you think, motivate permanent change, and inspire your heart to find peace. We understand that they wedge in there tight and secure, but just trust us on this tip.Still, sometimes babies, cats, and dogs get stuck in there on their own. The police initially treated the case as a possible attempted homicide, but now are unlikely to file criminal charges, the newspaper and the official said. Unwanted pregnancies have been on the rise because of an increasingly lax attitude toward premarital sex. He said she could be charged with attempted homicide for not immediately calling for help after the newborn became stuck. She said the infant accidentally slipped into the squat toilet and -- after cleaning up the scene -- raised the alarm.

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