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Ensuring sustainability and minimising any future environmental impact is a currently very topical but also essential move. SaleWhale is currently only available in Canada but our friends are welcome to browse our website. The Travel sized Toiletries and transparent zip-up bag are also ideal for airoplane travel. Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands, Offshore Islands (including Channel Isles), Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland - High volume orders over 30kg may incur additional charges. We hope that you will be happy with your purchase but if you are not, please notify us in writing within 7 calendar days to discuss a return.
For products of distinction, be our guest and see what we have to offer your hotel.At Hotel Supplies we provide an extensive range of luxurious hotel guest amenities and quality accessories to the hotel and hospitality trade. NewsletterSign up to our newsletter for all the latest news, offers, and information from Hotel Supplies. Our collection includes guest amenity kits, luxury hotel toiletries, bathrobes and slippers for hotels and spa's through to bedroom bins, tissue box covers, Valera hairdryers and kettles. We can also source products especially for you, search out exclusive items at a competitive price, personalise many of our products with your logo or manufacture to your exact specification. North America also lags behind in baby care, with the sector being only one of two C&T categories which does not appear in the top three regions in terms of value. Particularly in the last couple of years, we have seen more demand for finer baby products.

Parents are more savvy, well travelled and well educated on ingredients, features and benefits than they have ever been before.” Parents are not only spending more money on baby care products, they are spending more time researching the products and ingredients, with advice on bathing their babies being sought from a plethora of sources including the media, the internet and midwives. It is little wonder that when parents do use baby toiletries they want to find the mildest ranges and are increasing drawn to brands that offer natural, organic or hypoallergenic baby care ranges. Briony Davies, IMIS account manager, C&T for Euromonitor says that consumers are “increasingly turning off brands containing synthetic ingredients.
In baby care, fear about the possible side effects of the chemicals used in cosmetics and toiletries is most acute, given how delicate baby skin is”. Synthetic subtractionNew products and ranges that respond to this demand have proliferated over the past year.
Based on calendula, plant oils and pure essential oils, the products avoid synthetic additives, colours, perfume and artificial preservatives. Best sellers include Calendula Nappy Change Cream and Calendula Cream Bath and a new baby body wash will launch shortly. Weleda’s argument, according to Riley, is that chemical ingredients such as detergents and synthetic fragrances can be extremely irritant to a baby’s delicate skin. Mineral oils (such as petroleum or paraffin) are difficult for the body to absorb, so for children’s skin care it is preferable to use vegetable oils which can be absorbed into the skin where they are needed rather than forming a film over the skin and inhibiting the skin from functioning fully.”Niche brand Earth Friendly Baby added new bubble baths to its range and organic chamomile, organic lavender and organic mandarin variants are available as shampoo and body washes. Meanwhile the brand’s UK grocery stockist, Waitrose, has launched the first paraben-free and biodegradable supermarket wipes under its own label baby range. Green People has responded to the demand for fragrance-free products for babies with ultra sensitive skin by launching No Scent Baby Lotion into its Organic Babies range.

Charlotte Vohtz, founder of Green People says: “The adverse effect of fragrances for babies with ultra sensitive skin has now been scientifically proven. We also now know that perfume and even certain essential oils can spark off an allergy for some babies.” The product contains hemp seed oil to moisturise and reduce skin irritation, aloe vera to heal and sooth, apricot oil for irritated and sensitive skin and marigold to help maintain moisture. It is free of parabens, lanolin and perfume.Neal’s Yard claims that using mild organic soap from the start of a baby’s life will reduce the risk of allergies to synthetic ingredients found in other cleansing products.
Its new Organic Baby Soap is made from organic palm and coconut oil to lather and cleanse the skin, sunflower oil to soothe inflamed skin, calendula extract for its antiseptic and antifungal properties and vitamin E. It has also launched Pure Baby Oil, which contains three organic base oils - jojoba, borage seed and olive oil.Back to realityThe reality TV phenomenom can also count a couple of natural-based children’s toiletry lines in its offspring.
Baby skin is potentially sensitive and dry in the same way as the skin of someone who has eczema, so emulsion cleansers may come to the fore.
But there will also be alternative cleansing systems that are ever milder and make bubbles without drying out the skin.”The bigger pictureWhat is clear is that products are moving on in their sophistication and suitability.
Stephen Johnson heads the green chemistry initiative at Boots and is working with NGOs, government bodies and universities on sustainability issues. Johnson says the long-term goal is “cradle to cradle manufacturing - to find a use for all product waste instead of throwing things away”.

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