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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Often, at this time of year in the southern hemisphere, when the weather is improving, we get the urge to potty train.
Your toddler has passed a few milestones in his or her short life such as learning to eat, sleep, crawl, walk, and starting to talk.
With its high back support and comfortable armrests, the BABYBJORN Potty Training Chair is a comfy armchair for your child and a good place to start a life without nappies. The step is safe and secure to stand on and allows children to reach the toilet seat or wash basin by themselves. The BABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer is easy to keep clean and has a built-in handle so you can hang it up when it's not in use. The Dry Seat Waterproof Seat Protector offers soft, waterproof protection that keeps car seats and strollers dry.

The Cushie-Tushie contoured soft toilet seat not only makes sitting on the toilet more comfortable, but also nice and warm on a cool morning. No more changing the bed in the middle of the night, simply place over bottom sheet and tuck in to keep in place for all night protection and peace of mind. The reason is, I like to bring you the best products, and I have found the above Bambi protector to be softer then this one. To keep up to date with weekly product specials, competitions and news from Save Our Sleep join Tizzie's fan page and follow her on Twitter!
Take it with you anywhere to ensure your child can go anywhere at anytime, and really make toilet training easy!
The non-slip base securely sits on top of the regular toilet seat at home, or public toilets when you are out and about.
Whether it is a wet swimsuit or a toilet training accident, Dry Seat eliminates the worry and makes travel more comfortable and stress-free for everyone.

It is also designed so that it is easy to clean with a wet wipe and features a washable carry bag.
At first sight I loved them, and now after 18 months of wear and tear, I believe they are such good quality that I am happy to recommend them to my clients, readers and friends.
If approached in the correct way and at the right time, you and your toddler will easily sail past this milestone.
Soft curves make the Toilet Trainer a comfortable place to sit, and it is easy to adjust to fit any toilet seat. Once the Toilet Trainer has been adjusted, children can easily put it on and remove it from the toilet seat by themselves.

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