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This Pink Baby Bjorn Potty Chair is like a comfy "armchair" for your child and a good place to start an adventure in potty training. Designed to provide hours of Princely pleasure, charm your little one with furniture fit for royalty! This Yellow Baby Bjorn Potty Chair is like a comfy "armchair" for your child and a good place to start an adventure in potty training. It features a high back, comfortable armrests, and plenty of leg room all of which has made it a hit with both children and parents. This pink potty chair also has an inner potty that is easily removed for emptying and cleaning. Parents of toddler boys are always wanting to know about the splash guard, rest assure this potty chair has a high splashguard! This red potty chair also has an inner potty that is easily removed for emptying and cleaning. Includes Colorful Magnetic Chart, 30 Positive-Reinforcement Stars, Potty Training Book, Achievement Certificate, and Training Tips for Parents. The potty's chair has sturdy armrests and a high backrest both ideal for children to sit as long as they need to.

This allows them to get closer to the inner potty, which results in fewer accidents and more confident potty users - not to mention quicker clean-ups for parents and caregivers. We looked at many other potty seats with music, lights, lids, and countless other useless bells and whistles. You would have to clean those things at a car wash to get in all the crevices and moving parts. Prevents Messes With Built-In Splash Guard Made of durable, PVC- and BPA-free plastic, the Potty Chair has several features that help make potty training a positive experience for your little one. An integrated splash guard helps minimize unnecessary messes and prevents pinching of little legs, while a nonskid bottom keeps the chair from moving around on slippery bathroom floors. Also, the inner potty sits firmly within the chair, making for little wiggle room and helping prevent leaks and spills. Cleans Easily And Comes In Fun Colors Given that potty training can often take weeks or months for children to master, it helps when they like the chair they are using. The Potty Chair comes in a wonderful assortment of bright hues, including Red, Blue, White, Green, Pink, Yellow, and Turquoise with the BabyBjA¶rn teddy bear logo on the front. This allows you to let your child pick a potty in his, or her, favorite color, so they'll continue to be excited about using it.

In addition, the potty is made of recyclable plastic, which is easy to clean by simply removing the inner potty and rinsing it with hot water. Today, BabyBjA¶rn works with an international network of pediatricians to develop products that reflect its core philosophy of quality, safety, and style.
BabyBjA¶rn ensures the quality of each of its products in terms of both durability and environmental impact by scrupulously overseeing every stage of the design and manufacturing process. Safety is also guaranteed through rigorous screening by industrial designers, testing institutes, and medical experts.
This exacting attention to detail has earned BabyBjA¶rn international recognition for its success in creating products that balance usability with style.

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