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Enter your e-mail address, we will send one-time notification to, when this product is available again. Comfortable and secure seatingErgonomic design allows your child to sit comfortably and correctly. Easy for your childWhen it’s time to go, your child can easily put on and remove the toilet trainer on his or her own. Flexible useThe BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer is easy to adjust and fits firmly onto most toilet seats.

Toilet Trainer e il riduttore per water con la forma arrotondata comodo e facile da regolare per adattarsi ad ogni wc.
When you signed up to be notified, you hereby agreed to receive only one-time notification of product re-availability. Keep the following in mind:Help your child climb on and off the toilet trainer until it is safe for the child to do it on his or her own. It seemed to me that this product might be interesting for You, so I am sending You a link to it.

Una volta regolato, il bambino potra autonomamente appoggiarlo e toglierlo in assoluta sicurezza.
437 Гражданского кодекса РФ.Наличие товара и стоимость, пожалуйста, уточняйте у наших менеджеров.

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