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Babyville Boutique is releasing entirely new prints and colors this month, with matching appliqués and labels (and iron-ons!) that I am head over heels in love with!
Babyville Boutique sent me a DIYers dream package, including four project books and an instruction manual dedicated specifically to teaching a beginner how to whip up an easy and effective pocket diaper. I was so excited to start sewing, but I read through each book first to decide which projects I would make. I determined the size for the diaper I’d sew based on the simple chart included and happily traced the pattern (I love that the same book will allow me to use patterns for each size and includes details for customization like hip snaps, gussets, and a trimmer or fuller fit). Once I finished Harper’s rainbow diaper I tossed it in the dryer to seal the PUL so I could field test it and moved on to making a couple newborn size diaper covers for some close friends who are expecting baby girls in December. I still had one print left, a disarmingly adorable flock of tiny brightly colored birds scattered across the fabric.
Related PostsTushmate Deep Sea Wonders AIO Giveaway!Diaper Need Awareness Benefit for GDGH- Be there!6th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge- Day 3: Open Topic! I work at elemeno-pee in Lake Charles, LA which is an all natural baby store and my sister uses cloth diapers!! I am wondering about the quality of the PUL and snaps etc… I know it’s only been 8 months, but have you been happy with how the diaper has held up?
Check out our newborn cover tutorial to see more of the Babyville Boutique fabric and coordinates in action!  It's full of photos to show you how to sew a diaper cover with double gussets, using fold over elastic. Once you get started with Babyville's fabrics, I'm sure you'll find plenty of ways to use their product line, not only for diaper sewing but for other crafts and home decorating projects as well! Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win a package of these new fabrics and coordinates of their very own!
For information on cloth diaper fabric and pattern suggestions, go back to Making Cloth Diapers.
For those of you that may have missed the giveaway, maybe you’ve seen Babyville Boutique’s adorable aqua display in your fabric shop and wondered what it was all about? Babyville Boutique is a completely coordinated program that includes PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric in darling, happy prints and solid colors, in packages of 3 diaper cuts measuring 21” x 24” or in by the yard lengths.
I’ve purchased PUL from Babyville before, and made a very handy large wet bag for when Harper goes to visit her grandparents.
I also received a three pack that includes their newest designs, a two pack of their super soft athletic mesh in new coordinating colors, fold over elastic and ruffle elastic to play with, as well as matching snaps, their snap press, hook and loop tape, and cute labels. It was a tough decision, these books are chock full of fun and useful crafts for babies, children, parents, and pets. As a diaper reviewer, I have a lot of respect for WAHMs who knock out gorgeous one-of-a-kind diapers with passion and deft skill. Using the press is so easy and fun, it reminds me of the story of Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary the first time the little girl uses a stapler.

In the big diaper making book there are detailed instructions on how to embroider cloth diapers, and this is something I’ve always been curious about.
I used the rainbow zigzag print to match Harper’s diaper, and made a pattern based on the directions in one of the project books. Knowing that there will be so many baby girls around for me to shop for this holiday, I plan on picking up some more of this ruffle elastic in all different colors.
I decided I wanted to show this print off as much as possible, so I bought some white PUL from Babyville Boutique at my local Jo-Ann fabric store and made a cushioned play mat for Harper that is water proof on both sides.
Oh, by the way, I’ve tested Harper’s homemade diaper a dozen times now, and so far so good!
It’s technically a sized diaper (it has fit snaps along the top but no rise snaps) but it still fits her very well and works perfectly with her flats and prefolds tucked inside the athletic mesh interior I chose from the BV line. Today’s modern environmentally aware parents think of adorable, unique cloth diapers that are good for baby and especially good for Mother Nature. Color coordinated FOE (fold over elastic), plastic snaps, snap pliers, embroidered appliques, adorable labels, colored EZ Adjust Tape™ (hook and loop) and whimsical buttons provide the creative finishes and individuality.
I adore the floral pink and brown print I chose for that bag, but these new bright modern prints are so whimsical and cheery I love them even more! I even received a Dritz seam ripper to help me remove any wayward stitches without damaging the PUL. I narrowed it down to my absolute favorites that would be most useful right now, and bookmarked a dozen more I’ll be making for holiday presents and for Harper when she is a little older.
I always take the time to admire the perfect stitches, the attention to detail, and the creative thought process that goes into choosing each material and design. It was so easy to cut the material exactly as I’d wanted it, and before long I was listening to the whirr of my sewing machine as I created my very first pocket diaper. By following the simple guide and reviewing the reference photographs I was able to create a pair of sweet little covers with their names and some little designs on the back of each. Our teacup long haired Chihuahua generally wears an xxs in dog clothing, and it can be so hard to find something that fits him.
All you have to do is measure the baby’s head where you want the band to be, cut a length of elastic slightly shorter, and sew the cut ends together.
The instructions were simple and the sewing was all straight lines so it was done in a flash. The fit is perfect for her, the fold over elastic is soft and comfortable, and the athletic mesh interior wicks moisture away from her skin and dries super fast. It actually seems to be holding up better than a lot of WAHM diapers I own, with no pilling or holes, and the color has stayed vibrant.
Reusable cloth diapers are rapidly becoming the first choice for diapering and Babyville Boutique™ from Prym Consumer USA responds to this growing lifestyle trend with the first DIY cloth diapering program available in retail fabric stores nationwide.

Two how-to books, Cloth Diapers Made Easy, with pull-out diaper and soaker patterns, and Baby Essentials Made Easy with project instructions for bibs, changing pads, and other baby necessities, inspire the readers to make their own own-of-a-kind baby items. I love that it has a special cap that picks up bits of loose thread off the material so you can fix any mistakes quickly and easily. While I know I don’t have the skill level to stand up to their artistry, it was so much fun to be responsible for those design decisions for once.
I can’t wait to find new places to use my snap press and the adorable Babyville snaps that feature whimsical designs and bright colors. The rich pink material was girly without being cloying and was the perfect backdrop for adding my images to.
For my padded interior I used some fleece I had on hand, and it has just the right amount of soft cushioning. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone interested in trying their hand at making their own diapers, wet bags, or other PUL accessories. I used the hook and loop tape since newborns require some extra flexibility in sizing and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to sew in place and use. Next, you can sew on a flower, a pretty patch in a fun shape, or a bit of felt you can hot glue gems to. It’s perfect for the park since the grass is often still damp when we get there, and small enough to tuck in my purse without being inconvenient. I think my next project will be to try making some inserts for my diapers, the instructions for them seem really simple and I’d love to use some interesting prints on them. She knew she wanted to use cloth diapers with Harper before she was born and now that her oldest is out of diapers she continued testing with her 1 year old Autumn.
The rounded tabs made a big difference in ease of application, and the long strip of tape across the waist means these diapers will fit the new babies until they are ready for one-size diapers.
Or you can go the super easy route like I plan to and pick up some inexpensive hair clips from Anthropologie or your favorite accessory shop and clip them to the band. I plan on making a couple more of these for my husband and I to take with us to concerts and other events that may result in sitting on the ground or in hard cold bleachers.
I could probably knock out about ten of these watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother.

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