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The Bambino Step Toilet Trainer is an amazing toilet trainer seat having height adjustable step stool. All stock supplied by Better Baby Shop is sourced through genuine Australian Suppliers.  This means when you purchase from Better Baby Shop,  you will get a genuine Australian manufacturers warranty and all of our products comply with Australian Safety Standards. Should your purchase prove faulty within the warranty period you can return your product to us and we will forward your repair to the genuine supplier repair department at no charge to you.  Better Baby Shop is wholly Australian owned and operated and also believes in only supporting Australian companies. Grey Market Importers do not purchase their products from Australian suppliers. This means that should your item prove faulty within the warranty period you may need to return the product to an overseas address (which can take months) or your item may be repaired by someone who has not been certified to perform such work. We will do our best to give you the best service reasonably possible if you have any problem with your purchase. Most items are dispatched within 24 hours of payment being received (DIRECT DEPOSIT may take longer). Once items are dispatched, regular Australia Post or courier delivery times apply and an email with the online tracking info is sent to you.
Great toilet seat, adjustable legs would make it more secure and stable when the toilet unit is taller or shorter. The babyhood Bath supports Towelling or Mesh Bath Support is surely an total required for each parent.
The K & D Booster Seat has a great new compact design, with a 3 point harness for added safety.

Smartly styled from cotton blend fabric, these reusable trainer pants are soft and comfortable for your child. The unique concealed water resistant layer and absorbent inner pad is perfect for little accidents.
The innovative design allows toddlers to feel wetness while minimising the need for clothing changes. We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly.
The feet are not height adjustable and the product has just scared my son of the toilet after he slipped off it twice.
We purchase this from target for our son and couldn't even get it to hold together let alone let him try it. Just bought this and after assembling, realise that it is very unstable, it is also too short for the toilet so wobbles and i have to hold it and help my son to get on.
Once toilet training was established my child was able to walk off to use the toilet on her own without me having lift her up. The gaudy yellow, blue and red colours (I wish I'd known they make a light blue on darker blue colour version). The booster seat is moulded to best suit your baby and is complete with an adjustable tray and seat height.

Super absorbent, easy-to-pull up and in fun colours and prints, these potty training pants will be a hit with your baby or toddler. The handles are too far forward so he wants to sit all the way forward which would end up with wee everywhere. For people who hate the thought of having a potty being dragged around the house this is a great and more sanitary way of toilet training.
The seat is designed with two safety straps one for below the chair and one for the back rest for a secure fit. It slipped & slided about, and, you can imagine our little one found this very unsettling.
Unfortunately she decided to stop using it and sit directly on the toilet within a month of toilet training but she still uses it occasionally whenever she feels like it. When she tried to climb up onto the toilet the whole thing slides and twice it very nearly fell the only reason it didn't is that I caught it.

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