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Seeing women (and occasionally dudes) dressed up as Barbie dolls is one of my favorite things about Halloween, as it’s the perfect costume mix of a nostalgic throwback and a bizarro world antihuman.
According to her comments within the Reddit thread, the artist completely covered her eyebrow and eye, so this look takes some serious commitment (and a lot of faith in your ability to balance with just one eye open).
I absolutely love how flawless and pretty her left eye is, making it clear that she’s an expert at both beauty and special effects makeup.

We have all seen the Human Barbie and the Teenage Human Barbie, the Human Ken and the Human Jessica Rabbit, but honestly, I think that despite all the effort involved, this Melted Barbie makeup is just so. I think you could probably pull it off just using liquid latex to sculpt distorted features, like a drooping brow, nose and lip, and maybe an extra-high cheekbone on the unmelted side to enhance the contrast. However, one makeup genius on Reddit took this popular costume to a whole other level by taking Barbie’s look and popping it into the oven.

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