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Nights Journey of DreamsRapala Pro Bass Fishing with Rod PeripheralNational Geographic Quiz! Description: Help Barbie rides her horse from one farm to another in this cool barbie horse riding games.
This Barbie role-playing game allows users to develop riding skills and explore on fun adventures. Tags: Adventure, Dressage, Fun, Girl, Grooming, Horse farm, Horse jumping, Horse racing, Riding, Take care of horses, Train horse.
This is cute little game, made by the developers of Star Stable, Pixeltales, is not overly hard or complicated and is designed for the younger audience.
If you love the TV show, this app, with gorgeous graphics and games within games, will not disappoint!

You have to show your abilities in the camp for final week and win a blue ribbon as your award. Today she goes to the next trip and you need to choose for her not only beautiful, but comfortable outfit. After you get a horse, you can travel around the island on your horse and continue to do quests for the islanda€™s citizens.
Here Barbie will change her clothes but the clothes and accessories are locked as you complete your mission. The price is a little steep at around $20 for a PC version and almost $50 for the Wii version. Your Barbie has a map to help you locate things for the quests, and a cell phone that helps her make calls get the quests done.

However, this game is great for teaching basic horse care and money management skills for little horse and Barbie loving girls. There will be 15 different options for choosing your right horse with their worth, unique behavior and skill.

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