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April 14, 2013 By Summer You often hear about how we need to stop devaluing girls, to start telling them how intelligent they are rather than how pretty they are, and to teach them that they’re equal to boys in every way. I got tired of washing cloth diapers for two children the week The Muffin turned 2, so I sought out a potty training system that would have it done and over with in a short period of time.
I knew that I wanted to potty train The Stinky around the same time I had potty trained The Muffin but I had my serious doubts.
3 weeks before The Stinky’s second birthday, I bought him a very inexpensive potty chair. That idea went completely out the window because he was extremely interested in this new thing we had in the house. At the end of the first day, The Stinky was taking himself to the toilet to pee ALL BY HIMSELF. The inability to communicate with words is not an indicator of whether or not your child is ready to be trained.
JanetGoingCrazy recently posted..Raising a boy is so easy, I could do it with my eyes closed!
We r n the process of potty training my little boy he can do it naked all by himself all day long but as son as we put big boy undies on he gives up mostly BC he can’t seem to learn to pull them down on his own any ideas on how to treach him?
Baby Bjorn's Potty Chair is a perennial favorite among parents, thanks to its basic design and fun colors.
A toddler-size version of the grown-up potty just might encourage your little one to get started with potty training. This potty chair is a bit more popular among parents of girls versus boys because of its design, but it is adaptable to a variety of needs, so it's a great value. She would hold her pee until I sat down to nurse The Stinky, then stand right in front of me and pee like a racehorse with a big ole’ smile on her face.
The Stinky had a vocabulary of about 5 very simple words and he could not communicate many of his wants or needs without crying or whining – no actual words. He was completely #1 potty trained, but he would NOT sit on the toilet to have a bowel movement to save his life. I knew The Stinky needed to go, so I asked The Workaholic to please take him to the restroom with him and show him how it’s done.
When we are out in public, he tells me that he has to pee or poop and will go there when I take him.
He has been 2 for just over a month at this point and has been fully potty trained for over 2 weeks, #1 potty trained for a month. Showing an interest in the potty is not an indicator of whether or not they are ready to be trained. She has a weakness for cheap red wine and good conversation and can always be counted on for a laugh. Potty chairs make it easy for toddlers to get to the toilet on their own, and some are made in fun designs so they encourage kids to use them.
It has all of the features any toddler needs for potty training, including a built-in toilet paper holder and a flexible splash guard, plus it's convenient for parents thanks to the pull-out drawer for cleanup. Parents of boys rave about the integrated splash-guard, since there's no extra piece to come off, and also that this potty chair has a higher splash guard than most.
The high back gives toddlers a place to rest comfortably, which can be important, since sometimes potty training involves a lot of long waits on the potty chair.
The potty lid moves up and down, the flushing handle clicks when you push it, and when your toddler is successful at using this potty chair, there are songs and encouraging phrases as a reward. The Summer Infant Step By Step Potty Trainer can be used with or without the plastic front guard. The princess version has a sweet pink and lavender color scheme, while the prince throne is done up in navy and burgundy. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
And while very few children go to Kindergarten in diapers, I wanted my kids out of them ASAP. He had a few accidents but because I was watching him like a hawk, I would run him to the toilet as soon as I noticed he was peeing and he would finish there. I made the executive decision to put him in pull-ups over night because of his inability to wake up even remotely dry right now.

He won’t sit on a big potty, but he will let me hold him up and dangle his penis in the air over the toilet to pee.
Being content to sit in a dirty diaper is not an indicator of whether or not they are ready to be trained (The Stinky was perfectly content to sit in a poopy diaper). I think it’s sad that we as a society cannot find a common ground in terms of gender, race, religion, etc . If you watch him like a hawk and keep him running to the toilet, he’ll learn to go to the toilet. These potty chairs are some of the best available, and come in a variety of styles and prices to meet your needs.
If your toddler gets distracted by lights and sounds, a simple potty chair like this one from Baby Bjorn may be a great choice. These guards work well for some kids and not for others, so being able to remove it may be a plus.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). You can’t change things that may or may not happen physically on a certain time frame and I get that. You and your child throw all of the diapers away then switch directly to underwear, even for nap and bed time. We take her to go potty before we go to bed and she only ever has accidents when we fail to follow through on that nightly routine. The very next day, The Muffin, The Stinky, The Nerd, and I all came down with yet another winter virus. You might have to just watch him like a hawk for a few days and tell him often that you will help him pull his undies down if he will just tell you when he has to go. Even if it is on the carpet lol) and I run him to the bathroom and happily tell him “did you go potty? When the Potty Bench is all folded up, it makes a step stool that even adults can safely use. You can use this potty chair on the floor initially, but it also converts to a potty seat to be used atop the regular toilet. A little tab on the bowl matches up with a cutout on the front of the potty chair so it's easy to get the bowl out when needed.
This is where boys might be behind girls in the physical development department and that’s OK.
Perhaps he could go overnight without wetting the bed if I just trained him to do so, but he refuses to move out of the safety of his crib and into his toddler bed, and would therefore likely not make it to the restroom anyways. Visit The Dirty Floor Diaries and you'll leave feeling just a smidge better - Guaranteed or your visit's free. My guy had trouble pulling his undies up and down until recently and he’s almost 3 now. Most of those times are right before we get in the shower and the water is running (cause that makes everyone have to pee right?!).
A toilet paper holder is built into the side, and there's a wipes holder on the back, as well. I do think they have their time and place in potty training and I will address that in a minute. We were so excited that we had a bathroom dance party and went to get ice cream (chocolate of course) to celebrate. So I end up having to put a diaper back on him because i know he still needs to finish because I stopped him and ran him to the toilet. The seat portion comes out and can fit onto the adult toilet as a potty seat, and the rest of the potty chair then becomes a step stool.
But the idea is that you watch your child like a hawk for 3 days and run them to the toilet every time they begin to pee or poop so that they can finish up on the potty. The next day he pooped in his underwear once then once on the potty after I reminded him where and how we poop. Once I finally resolved to stop buying diapers, we went cold-turkey underwear and he was literally potty trained right then and there.
You aren’t supposed to ask them if they have to go because that takes the power away from them.

We have to celebrate our differences while embracing the fact that while we might not all get to point C the same WAY, we all still get to point C.
Instead, you ask them if they are dry every half an hour or so, then remind them to tell you if they have to go to the bathroom.
When this potty chair is all folded up, it turns into a one step stool that even grown ups can safely use. Fisher Price Froggy Friend Potty ChairThis Fisher Price product does not have many fancy functions, but it is engaging and adorable for young children due to its fun frog theme.
These integrated mudguards are placed higher than most of the potty chairs available in the market.
Baby Bjorn Potty SeatBaby Bjorn’s potty chair is favorite among modern mothers and fathers, thanks to its fun colors and basic design. This comfort is vital for success because potty training sometimes entails long waits on the potty chair. While not wanting to sacrifice fun features that could encourage training, I did not want to pay the extreme price as seen on other seats like Fisher Price, which had a flushing noise I felt was important.
If lights and sounds seem to sidetrack your child, such easy and comfortable baby potties are the ones you should go for.5. Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty ChairA child-sized edition of the grownup potty can just motivate your child to begin potty training. Not only is there a handle with a flushing sound, but you can actually record your very own encouraging message to your child that is played after the flushing noise. The lid of the potty moves down and up and when your child is successful at using this potty chair, you will find songs and encouraging words play as a reward. This potty chair can be initially used on the floor, but it can also transform into a potty seat that can be used on top of the standard toilet seat.6.
Summer Infant Potty TrainerDue to its unique and girly design, this potty chair is among favorite potties for girls. Some parents dona€™t like the concept of plastic front guards, so being able to remove them is certainly a plus. A toilet paper holder is built into the side, and there is a wipes holder present on the back. Safety first Jack Potty ChairIf your little one needs brilliant lights and sound effects as an encouragement for toilet training, then this potty chair is the one you should go for. The back of this potty seat looks like a slot machine, where a big red handle can be pulled to spin the shapes and flash the lights.
This will allow the child to have some fun with the potty at the start of toilet training process. Security 1st nature Next Potty ChairIt is the most plain-looking potty seat compared to the ones mentioned above, but safety 1st Nature Next potty seat has some interesting functions that can make it your favorite. This potty seat costs less and is made from bio- plastic materials derived from renewable plant resources rather than fossil fuels. The potty seat has a detachable bowl for quick cleaning, and it can convert into a potty seat for adults.
This potty seat is available in Walmart stores and Amazon for about $ 20.As stated before, toiletA training an essential milestone for children and parents both. Consequently, to make the transition from diapers to the potty as entertaining and easy as possible, parents should buy the potty seat that fits their child’s character. The perfect potty chair for the child will be worth every penny since it builds the childa€™s self-confidence and helps make the child feel more confident throughout training process.Home Page Tweet Pin It Related Posts How To Start Potty Training Your Child How to Choose Potty Training Pants for Your Kid 7 Tips To Help You With Toddler Potty Training About The Author Susan NipaGoogle+2 Comments Annie Marie Peters April 22, 2014 Such a good list of potty chairs! Reply Fidelia May 12, 2014 whoah this blog is fantastic i like readinh your posts.Stay up the great work! You know, lots of parents are searching for potty training info, you could help them greatly.

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