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If you want to really please the little man in your life, why not review the best toys for 3 year old boys 2013? Your Kid’s Planet Check out Your Kid's Planet to find great information on our planet and it's amazing creatures. Crayola Washable Fingerpaints – Helps to develop their gross motor skills, as well as learn their colors.
Alex Ready, Set, School Activity Box – Your lovely preschooler will learn skills such as cutting with scissors, tying shoes, and writing their alphabet with this great set.  So much fun!
The ones that I have not received yet as gifts, I still intend on buying for her for all their educational purposes.   Hope this list helps anyone shopping for the preschooler in your life!
These toys have been selected because they are engaging, educational, safe and lots of fun.
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Some of these toys will help an active toddler stay fit while others can help develop his mind.
Those are some excellent reasons for friends, parents and grandparents to purchase these toys.

It gives a child a great way to play with Little People Wheelies as they swoop down a variety of roller coaster tracks on the two foot tall platform.
Sometimes it is all too easy just to pop a child in front of a TV when parents want a bit of peace for a minute or two. Keeping a toddler entertained without sticking him in front of the TV is exactly what this awesome toy will do.
Lego Bricks and More Deluxe Brick Box Check Price On Amazon If you are a parent or even a grandparent, you are sure to recognize the Lego brand. This set has been specially designed to encourage the toddler in your life to enjoy making a variety of buildings and even rolling vehicles. After the toddler in your life gets older, he might graduate to more complicated Lego sets for a lifetime of fun and education. Step2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide This is another new model of a classic toy that has kept generations of kids active on a rainy day.
It can be setup inside or outside, is very sturdy, and is bound to keep any active little boy busy for hours. The good thing about this particular toddler slide, over some competitor models, is that it has an angle at the end so your little angel is in for a smooth landing at the end.

Check Price On Amazon  Little Tikes Cozy Coupe  Click Here For Price You may remember the classic Little Tykes car from your own childhood. This updated version features a removable floor and a handle on the back so it can be powered by toddler, parent, or even grandparent power. This model can be used outdoors as a functional transportation device for the little boy who is a bit too old for a stroller. It can also be kept inside to make sure your little man stays fit while having a lot of fun using the power of his own two feet. They are also likely to be the types of toys that he will select for his own children in twenty to thirty years. They are sure to be appreciated gifts for birthdays, holidays, and any day you want to enrich a small boy’s life.

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