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A man uses his cell phone as he sits on a toilet on Ipanema beach to protest water pollution in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, Jan.
The swipe-who-you-like hookup app caught on like wildfire in 2013, and apparently people look for digital love in the least-expected places.
Here's a new offering that helps users find bathrooms in crowded cities, or post their own to be used for a fee. Much like Words With Friends, this trivia app introduces some competition to your sacred moment. We asked Paul the Trombonist -- the mad genius behind "Playing With Your Phone While Sitting on the Toilet" -- which apps he favors in said situation.
But let's be real: Not just any app will do when you doo-doo, and that even goes for some of our favorites. From researching your destination to buying the clothes or gadgets you might need, preparing for your next trip is always fun. However, in our search for the best travel apps, we unintentionally limit what we might find. No matter how devoted you are to print, there’s no denying that using Kindle while out travelling is a lot easier than lugging 10 hardbacks around with you.
If you’re a big texter, then the free app, WhatsApp, will save you buckets of money while you’re away – provided you’re online. Apart from being essential for touching base with friends and family back home – especially if you’re travelling solo – the magic of video calls lets you make everyone back home insanely jealous.
Instagram is a really fun and convenient way for friends and family to keep track of your travels. No matter if it’s yards to metres, centimetres to inches, quarts to pints or dinars to pounds, converting units while away can get pretty tricky. So maybe this is a bit of a travel app, but we like to think postcards are for any time – not just holidays. AroundMe identifies where you are, and lists the nearest bank, bar, petrol station, hospital, hotel, cinema, restaurant, supermarket, theatre and taxi. One of the worries that comes with carrying your expensive smartphone with you on your travels is that someone might nab it – or that you’ll just lose it.
We’ve all been at that point in our travels where we grudgingly open our settings, and turn on our data connection.
Just as wine varies hugely from country to country and region to region, so does beer, and Untappd helps you keep track of your new found frothy favourites.
Now you’re covered for all kinds of situations, from desperate toilet emergencies to bar-hopping beer recollection, it’s up to you to head out into that big old world and explore! Mengubah atau menghapus isi penyimpanan usb Anda : memungkinkan aplikasi untuk menulis ke penyimpanan usb. Add some character to your home with these hand made whiskey barrels that have been converted into coffee tables. Forget building blanket forts in the kid’s room – because now the entire bedroom can be an actual fortress playhouse! Throw out those boring Tempur-pedic bed sets and get yourself a bed that looks like a deadly fighter spaceship.

Play a game of billiards at the bachelor pad in style with this illuminated pool table that also converts into a playable table hockey game. Decorate your dorm with your most essential college tool – the backpack couch is literally a couch made of backpacks. Add a real foosball table to your home without making it look like a total bachelor pad with this foosball coffee table.
Everything you know is a lie – these rocks are actually extremely comfy throw pillows. Reign supreme on the porcelain throne with this beautifully crafted royal toilet that is fit for a king. Hide drinks and food in this nightstand that secretly contains a fridge inside of it instead of drawers. Sleep like the burger king with the hamburger bed that comes with your choice of toppings, soda, and a side of fries.
Turn your chairs into puzzle pieces with these unique jigsaw puzzle chairs that interlock with each other. Spoil your little princess with this unbelievable fairy tale inspired pumpkin carriage bed. Go from entertaining guests to providing ample sleeping spots with this convertible futon bunk bed.
Now your children can sleep in the same type of vehicle they were conceived in – the VW Bus!
Add some testosterone to your office by replacing your laminated excuse of a desk with the Aviator Desk. No bachelor pad would be complete without an over the top item like an aquarium coffee table.
Gadgetorium is a free online website ran by a bunch of geeks who partake in too much online window shopping.
Our philosophy is simple, We want to display only the coolest stuff you can find on the web. You can fit an incredible number of likes and comments into the time a bathroom break takes.
For the ambitious multitaskers out there who want to plot their next potential strike while simultaneously carrying out the mission at hand. For proof, look no further than the study that once found 16% of cellphones have poop on them.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Today, most of us are smartphone owners, be it iPhone or Android, and usually we browse around to see if there are any essential travel apps we could use on our trip.
Install Flush, turn on your GPS, and find the closest bog from the 190,000 (and counting!), in the app. All you have to do is make sure your friends and family have downloaded it as well. Get it for iPhone or Android.
You could also create your own hashtag so everyone (and you!), can quickly find your images and videos. Get it for iPhone or Android.

Luckily, Vert (for iPhone), and Unit Converter (for Android), will help you with everything.
Splitwise helps you keep track of all expenses, doing all the maths for you, and even sending reminders to those friends who somehow keep “forgetting” to pay you back. Get it for iPhone or Android. Touchnote lets you create and send personalised postcards using your own images, all for the same price as a postcard and stamp (pretty much).
It’s extremely detailed, including ski weather, beach weather (with UV index and water temperatures), and – most importantly – it’s accurate. Get it for iPhone or Android. Before your travels, turn it on, search for the city or towns you’ll be visiting, and those maps (with hotspots and passwords), will be saved for future use.
Useful if you want to catch a movie – crucial if you’re taken ill abroad. Get it for iPhone or Android. In case either of these happens, Prey Anti Theft helps you find your phone, lock down your device, trigger an alarm and more.
It also enables you to find nearby bars and craft beers, and gives you personalised recommendations based on beers you save and enjoy. Alternatively, check out our top European city breaks for 2016, or our best budget holiday destinations for 2016.
Start your morning off right with a healthy serving of pancakes with these giant pancake pillows. For this reason, our staff has compiled an ever growing list of cool, funny, useful and unique products. Many online also believe Words With Friends is Paul Rudd's iPad app of choice while on the porcelain throne in This Is 40. It's still only in web form, though, so you'll have to go to in your mobile web browser to get started. So use your next bathroom trip to build yourself into a trivia-night legend at your watering hole of choice. Above, find seven of our favorites (plus a bonus!) to help optimize your time on the can — so don't say we never did anything for you, dear reader. All you have to do is open the app, choose an image, add some text and an address and the postcard will ship anywhere in the world. When you’re on your travels, all you have to do is open the app, find your location on the map, and choose your closest hotspot. Just take a photo of the bottle, and instantly see reviews, rankings and price (and add your own reviews and ratings). Get it for iPhone or Android.
But getting sucked down that rabbit hole can be problematic, and not just because you'll be late to your next appointment — too much time on the pot can lead to hemorrhoids.

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