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Actress-turned-author Tia Mowry writes about pregnancy and motherhood in her new book, Oh, Baby! My only caveat about this resort is that the beach in the immediate area has beautiful sand but rough surf conditions for little kids. I remember one particular day when we were at an afternoon outreach picnic (we’d missed her nap) and my little one was a fuss-pot and being quite rebellious.
God knows what our weaknesses are, He is mindful (always understanding) what we are and are not capable of. And I just found out that all of them were extremely medically driven and they just focused on all of the scary stuff that goes on through pregnancy.
Beware, however, in this ownership set up every room has their own decor, so it’s important to check photos and references. There, is however, the perfect beach — aptly named Baby Beach — right down the road (you can walk there too).

Of course, we can’t always help it and can’t always stop or prevent it, but sometimes we can! We must learn from our Father and see the weaknesses, limitations and needs of our children. And remember, if we allow them to get overtired and they get cranky, the fault might very well be ours! In an interview with NPR this week, Tia, whose son Cree is 10 months old, chatted about morning sickness, mothers-in-law and what prompted her to share her story.
This beach features a naturally protected area without waves where toddlers can go nuts while parents relax.  Absolutely ideal! We need to know their physical maturity and what the needs are at given times of their lives. Mine happened in the morning, afternoon and in the evening and, not only did it just happen in the first trimester, it happened throughout my whole entire pregnancy.

Once you have your accommodations sorted, be sure and read Kauai with kids activity ideas by Hawaii-based travel writer Kris Bordessa. But as she began to get older, it was harder and harder for her sleep and she began to miss naps. My job was to meet her needs as best as I could and I was setting aside her need for good solid naps so that I didn’t miss out on activities. But (as I’ve repeated one of my disciplers for the past 37 years) for the believer, the Good is the enemy of the Best.
Those Good things (bible studies, fellowship times, even evangelism outreaches) became enemies to me as I forsook the Best thing God had for me in my making sure my baby got her essential nap time for her health and well being!

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