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If you have a water source nearby (like a garden hose), you might want to consider the Porch Potty Premium. After 1 minute of rinsing, the water soaks the entire grass area with 1 inch of water getting every square inch.
The small indoor dog potty is perfect for small dogs and fits well on any patio or balcony without taking up too much room.
Our large indoor dog potty is designed especially for large dogs and their need for more space.
After picking up any solids, just turn on the water and watch the two water jets pop up and spray the grass clean with over 3 gallons of fresh water.

The drain then goes to work and empties the water and urine down the 14 foot drain hose during the second minute. The water timer connects to your hose bib, and turns the water on and off every other day for exactly one minute. To make quoting a shipping price as easy as possible, we offer a fixed shipping cost of $25 to any of the 48 contiguous states.
The included Synthetic Grass covers 8 square feet of grass area (2’x4’) to accommodate all dogs from 5 lbs to 120 lbs. In under two minutes the Porch Potty has cleaned and rinsed itself to leave a fresh odor free grass area for your dog.

To avoid the drop ship fee and the individual shipping cost, consider buying a pack of 5 shipped to your warehouse or store, and potential volume discounts.

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