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Dans les pages de son numero de fevrier, le magazine Monthly Young Magazine annonce qu’une nouvelle serie basee sur le celebre manga eponyme de Masamune Shirow et intitulee Ghost In The Shell Arise, demarrera cette annee au Japon. Unlabeled wood shavings are also frequently made from these two materials and should be avoided. Other than pine and cedar shavings, scented bedding may contain harmful chemicals and are not that great for your pet hamster’s sensitive nose even if they smell great to you.
Your hamster spends literally all the time in their bedding so it’s important to get something safe and healthy for it. Carefresh Ultra is made with white cellulose fiber and free from dyes, ink, and other chemicals. The only downside to this is probably the cost since Carefresh Ultra is quite expensive compared to other types of bedding like Aspen. Some hamster owners get around this by mixing the more expensive Carefresh with other cheaper (but still safe) alternatives. Carefresh Colors is another bedding that I like a lot and my robo dwarf hamsters are using this at the moment. Some owners have mentioned that both Carefresh bedding can be quite dusty but I haven’t really observed the same thing.
If you decide to get Kaytee Clean and Cozy, make sure it’s the unscented version because they also sell scented ones under a similar name. PS: I found a great video that reviews and compares Carefresh Ultra, Aspen bedding and Kaytee Clean and Cozy.
I used carefresh colors for my hamster’s first year and a half, then switch to the Kaytee Clean and Cozy which is definitely my favorite of the two.
I had a hamster about 1-2 years ago and I remeber getting the carefresh blue bedding because blue was my favroite color right.
I bought the Carefresh bedding for my poor ham and shes been sneezing and sleeping ever since so I checked the reviews on it on petco and it was horrible!

Always check the labels on the product to make sure that there isn’t any pine or cedar in it.
If you look at some of our earlier hamster pictures, they all have Carefresh Ultra bedding in them! And according to the manufacturer, it’s absorbs odor three times more than traditional bedding. It comes in many colors and looks really attractive in a hamster cage or tank, especially if you get matching colors with your cage or accessories.
This is supposedly fluffier and softer than Carefresh but I haven’t actually used it myself. It looks like shredded tissue and feels like it too except it controls odour (although not as well as Carefresh).
They grow mold easily and if your hamster eats it, it won’t be able to digest it properly.
Well after that my hamster go some sort of WERID dry skin patch or something and then it died soon after that. Apparently they changed their recipe and lots of people are having problems with their hamsters! My hamsters personality completely changed and I thought something was wrong with her because she was barley waking up at all. We got a new one (3 days ago), and they bought me the cheapest wood chips they could find and told me to use newspapers. For example, bedding made from pine or cedar contain chemicals that can damage your hamster’s lungs in the long run. Although Carefresh Colors has dyes in them, the dyes are pet-safe and the bedding absorbs odors just as well as the Ultra.

I just bought a pack a few days ago and will be using it for the hamsters’ next bedding change! But when she had the skin disease thing, I couldn’t pick her up at all because she would just bite or scratch. I’m not sure what happened, but I switched back to the aspen and now she is back to her old self. As for how to prevent them, I would just use a type of bedding that wouldn’t get mites in the first place, like those that are not too dusty or are prone to mites. But I do not think it was from the bedding, I think it was honestly from the hospital the one rat went to. She had never bitten anyone before but when I first got her she did because i think all hamsters do. I also started to add Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding just to add a bit of softer bedding and the hamsters love it. When I went to Pet Smart I saw that all the hamsters cages had aspen and only the rats had the comfort bedding. I only used half a news paper though and snuck in tissue paper (for noses), paper towel, and toilet paper all one-ply to make up for it.
But anyway moral of the story is please don’t buy the carefresh colors because they just give your hamster a dry hairless itching patch of skin and then die!

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