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If, for any reason, you're unhappy with your purchase, we make returns as painless as possible.
Whether it's for returns or you just want to know how we're working harder to serve you, subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on new products and discounts. The Granite Gear Traditional #4 Portage Pack is a great option for those of you looking for a light-weight option for a portage pack.
If you are reading this, you are probably trying to decide between the LG HBS 700 Tone or the HBS730 Tone+ Bluetooth headsets. The Western Digital (WD) TV live streaming media player is a great device to add to your home entertainment system. The BBQ Hooker Four-in-One Grilling tool is the only tool you will need for grilling this summer.  It has a metal spatula, serrated knife edge, meat hook and bottle opener all built into this little 22 inch tool which is also dishwasher safe. Simply put the 160 Lumen Cree Led Headlamp is the best headlamp that you can buy for under $10.
It’s still cold in some parts of the country and operating your phone or tablet in the cold is no fun. Outdoor entrance mat - walk off mats and door mats, Stop dirt and grime before it enters your door.

The personalized doormats company - custom logo mats, Experience the personalized doormats company difference about us for over 10 years we have been the internet leader in personalized front door mats for your home and. Custom logo mats & waterhog mats at the best prices, Ultimate mats provides you with your favorite selections of anti fatigue mats, custom logo mats, and entrance mats with no haggling & gives you the best prices and. You need it because it allows you to stream media in 1080p HD from usb hard drives, flash drives and has wireless connectivity with built in apps to use some of your favorite web services like Netflix and Pandora among others. You can power the projector via the included AC adapter or you can charge the projector (usb) and use it for around 2 hours on a single charge. It is the Slo Bowl by Kyjen. Your dog has to work for their food which stops them from inhaling their food as fast as possible and also prevents bloating. Open the box, plug in the charging station, hit the clean button, and you are Roombaing.  As with other Roomba vacuums, the 620 cleans a room by going in a random pattern. Using the flat spatula part of the the Hooker allows you to easily flip burgers, fish and anything else you would need to flip on the grill.
There a lot of options when it comes to smartphone gloves, but the ones I am reviewing are light weight and cost under $5. My main purpose for using the 620 was to see how much of my dog Stella’s hair it would pick up.

They are both are around $50 at Amazon and have good sound quality with the added convenience of not having a cord getting in your way.
It is very light and uses 3 aaa batteries that are not included when you purchase the headlamp. The  finger tips of the first,and second fingers and each thumb is made with a special conductive material that allows you to be able to operate your phone while wearing the gloves as you can see in the video below.
It is great to sit in after a long day of paddling in the BWCA (boundary waters in northern MN). A 60 inch measuring tape is also included.  Everything fits easily into the included carry bag, which makes it easy to from zero to night bocce  very fast.
I use it in the BWCA, tailgating and even as an extra chair if I have a lot of people over at my house.

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