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We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. This potty-mouthed sequel to the 1999 ensemble romcom The Best Man has cleaned up in the States and it’s easy to see why. I've recently potty trained my son Riley and I have to admit it was the one thing I've been dreading since he was born but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be and after 2 weeks we've pretty much cracked it so I thought I'd share my top potty training tips with you today.
One of the biggest mistakes I think people make is trying to potty train their children before they're actually ready, of course every child is different so there is no set age that they should be ready to potty train but there are some signs to look out for in your child to let you now that it's time to ditch those nappies.
One thing that never occurred to me before potty training was that Riley may not actually know what poo was, because he always did it in a nappy and I quickly disposed of it without him ever really seeing what he had done he didn't have a clue what it was so a way of teaching him about it is to get some books about pooing and potty training (I know it sounds gross but it helps lol).
The best time of the year to try potty training is during Summer as your child isn't wearing lots of layers of clothing and they can just run around in their pants outside keeping the inevitable accidents away from your sofas and carpets. When it comes to potty training you really have to just stick with it, when we started with Riley we decided to skip using pull ups and just go straight for pants and day one was a nightmare!

A group of thirtysomething friends meet in the palatial home of the gang’s most successful member, football champ, Lance (Morris Chestnut). He must have wet himself 20 times, he just didn't seem to understand what we wanted him to do at all and I was pulling my hair out, all I wanted to do was put him back in nappies and give up but I rang my Mum and she said that the worst thing I could do was to start going backwards and forwards from nappies to pants, now we had got rid of nappies we had got to persevere, so we stuck it out and the next day he only had 5 accidents and the day after he dropped down to 1 accident a day, I was amazed at how quickly things had gone from a nightmare to him totally getting it.
Director Malcolm D Lee (a cousin of Spike) plays nicely with black stereotypes and certainly knows how to use his excellent cast (including Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Terrence Howard).
Of course some days he's better than others depending on what he's doing but all in all I think he's got the hang of it, he wears a pull up at night as we're going to tackle night time dryness at a later date but I'm so glad we've done it now. But for now the potty is there getting him familiar with it until he is old enough to be ready to start! But the sweet ’n’ sour mood turns purely gloopy in the last act, which involves a certain football game and the intervention of an earth-bound angel. By Bridget+ on 12 Aug, 2015 in Featured, Potty TrainingIt’s no secret that potty training is one of the biggest challenges parents tackle during toddlerhood.

But, no matter how many setbacks you face, you will help your little one master this milestone when the time is right. Like most other aspects of parenting, all it takes is patience, a sense of humor and (maybe) a few tricks up your sleeve. I chose to wait until Riley was almost 3 years old before starting potty training, partly because I was dreading it and kept putting it off and partly because I knew that the more ready he was the quicker he would crack it. I definitely won't be pushing Ozzy into potty training until we're both good and ready! However, the best time to toilet train a toddler is between 19 and 24 months the results show.

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