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Making the right choice from the start will allow both you and your child to go through the potty training process with ease. What this article is meant to do, is to help you choose quickly between either the potty seat or the potty chair and not waste too much time so you can start potty training your toddler as soon as possible.
Most of us are more familiar with the potty chair than with the potty seat or potty insert. Potty chairs allow your child’s feet to reach the floor, encouraging a more natural position. For me personally, the biggest upside is that your toddler doesn’t have to ask for your help when using a potty chair.
A potty seat or a potty insert reduces the size of the adult toilet seat to a toddler-size so that your child won’t fall in it. If your child is transitioning from the potty chair to the potty seat, the best way to make this work is to get a seat that has similar or identical patterns, color themes, with the potty chair.
If you want your child to be able to climb up himself you’ll also need to get him a step stool. If your child does not express an obvious preference, I suggest you go with the qualities that are more important to you. Hopefully by now I’ve cleared the air for you(no pun intended) regarding the differences, the pros and the cons when it comes to potty training seats and potty chairs.
The potty seat is made to perfectly fit on the toilet no matter it’s shape or size which makes it great for travel.
Because of the slow close mechanism you won’t need to worry about your child smashing his fingers. The Primo 4-in-1 potty seat is the all in one solution when it comes to buying potty training gear. The Baby Bjorn potty chair is one of the most popular potty chair models because of it’s sturdy build and practical design. The high backrest with armrests allows your child to maintain a healthy position while on the potty. Cleaning the potty chair is very easy and the seat can also be used as an adapter for normal adult toilets.
What I like about the Fisher Price Royal Stepstool potty chair is the built-in reward system. The lid has 2 uses, it acts as a backrest and when closed the whole potty chair is transformed into a step stool which according to the manual can hold up to 200 pounds. It reduces the size of the opening and it is shaped like a comfortable toilet seat with a high back that will provide support for the child's back.
PTC Comment: We are so sorry that you had so many problems with our potty seat fitting yours. Featuring a comfortably padded potty seat with a built in fold-up non-slip step stool, the Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up is the perfect potty training tool.

Help your little one go from diapers to the toilet using the Chummie Potty Training Ladder Step Up Seat.
Designed to provide your child with comfort, safety and confidence, the Primo Freedom Trainer will suit all your needs.
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The colorful designs brighten your bathroom It has an acrylic top coat protection It is made of durable molded wood It has sturdy and secure hinges This toilet seat fits most manufacturers' Round Bowls HOW DO I KNOW IF MY TOILET SEAT IS ROUND FRONT OR ELONGATED?
But you also need to consider the fact that your child might be a little bit intimidated by the size of the toilet seat. What I did was I would hold his hands for awhile each time he used it, until eventually he was comfortable sitting by himself. So now that we’ve that out the way here are the best potty seats and chairs you can buy. Because of the rounded margins kids can get on and off by themselves easily with the help of a step stool. It can be used as a standalone potty chair, a step stool, a potty seat and it’s small enough to be used as a travel seat. It has a removable pot which is very easy to clean and has a splash guard to prevent any spills. The Summer Infant Lil’ Loo is the perfect travel potty chair because lightweight and compact. Ever since I potty trained my two boys, Daniel and Mark, I've been helping countless other parents do the same with their toddlers.
This step has extra soft non-slip handles to provide the ultimate comfort and extra wide non-slip floor pads for security. This training ladder step up seat features anti-skid steps and sturdy non-slip handrails for maximum strength and safety.
The Karibu Baby Cushion Step Potty comes with three different height options to grow with your child. This multi-purpose tool can be used as self-standing floor potty, an on-the-toilet seat with built-in step stool, and a non-slip, child-size toilet seat.
It comes with a built-in step and specially designed gripper handles for both comfort and safety.

You have got yourself a loyal customer now who will spread this good experience to his entire circle. If your child loves Dinosaurs, this toilet seat is perfect to help motivate them to start using the big toilet! You can also get a potty seat that has handles, but I feel it’s better to be there yourself. It can be used by both you and your toddler and once he’s outgrown it, the mini seat can be easily removed.
It doesn’t tip, even if your child leans on one side when sitting down or getting up. I was having a lot of problems getting my son from the potty to the toilet and this worked perfect. Featuring skid-proof step, non-slip handles, extra-wide floor grippers, and non-slip rubber insert, the potty seat is stable and safe. It only takes one minor slip or fall for your child to never want to use a potty seat again. The high back will provide support for the child's back and the splash guard in front will prevent messes.
Sturdy, comfortable and safe, potty training ladder fosters your toddler’s need for independence and self-confidence. Easy to use and easy to assemble in seconds, this step will be an awesome toilet training fun accessory. The splash guard and seat design have made sure that everything he does goes right down into the toilet. Customer service was very helpful when I called and encouraged me to measure and even stayed on the phone while I did.
It doesn't slip or move and the student has been using it and is just about trained after only 4 weeks. I have a 3 year old that looks 5, so the potty seats sold in the department stores really don't work, they're too small. I brought this to my mothers house in hopes in would fit on hers but when's son sat on it he aimed it was too hard and hurt.
I assumed (you know what they say about "assume") that the Potty Scotty Toilet Seat II would fit the standard toilet! And after paying $50+ for rushed shipping, the size mismatch added to our already stressful situation of potty training our son.

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