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This is a life jacket designed for boating and it usable by infantsa€™ weighing less than 30 lbs. I have an August 08 baby and the summer 09 was her first summer at my Inlaws lake house and they have a boat.
I'm not sure the floaty bathing suit is "legal" if you are stopped by the water patrol guys.
The second one looks better for comfort you want to find one with the largest opening at the neck.
I was a life guard for six years and I've never seen a life jacket that fit an infant well.
This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Swimming is great exercise for toddlers and it’s also something that kids and parents can do together. Swim aids look simple compared to the sort of vest you need for boating but you still need to choose them carefully.
The Puddle Jumper from Stearns is a very nicely made swim aid that’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t get in the way of learning to swim, but does a good job of adding extra buoyancy when it’s needed. This compact vest has two arm bands and a chest panel; simply slip the arms through the bands then fasten the strap at the back, and it’s all ready to go. This Speedo vest is a much more traditional design than the Puddle Jumper; it’s basically a standard flotation vest, made from neoprene for a low profile. This is a fun, colorful vest that lets children use their arms freely while making sure they have plenty of buoyancy to keep them safely afloat.
Looking for a swim vest for my nearly two year old twins who are very slim – only around 20lbs.
Life jackets (also known as PFDs a€“ personal flotation devices) therefore matter if you engage in water activities with your child. This type comes with neck and head support which will keep your baby afloat supposed that they become unconscious or if they have poor body control while in the water.
Ita€™s important to note that the US Coast Guard finds PFDs that are available in the market for newborns as inappropriate for babies due to their fit. Also check to make sure that the life jacket fits the child properly by having the child raise both arms. The life jacket has a unique floatation which wraps around the childa€™s face, supporting not just the head but the collar area as well. The life jacket features PVC closed cell marine foam and is coated using a nylon shell which keeps your young one well protected while in water. The life jacket is made using nylon which is durable and features a one sided vest with a zipper and chest straps.

I remember my neice hated hers because it rode up around her neck but I'm on the look out for one too for my LO. Well at almost 10-11 months old LO HATED the lifejackets because they rode up around her neck. Do not use a floating bathing suit, if god for bid she fell out of the boat or into water she woulf float with her face into the water. It’s always best to be safe in and around water though, so while your toddler is learning to swim they should wear a good swim aid or vest. It’s vital that the one you buy allows your child to move freely – otherwise learning to swim will be a struggle. There’s good reason the Puddle Jumper has been the best selling swim aid for little kids for some time now. The strap makes it very adjustable and there shouldn’t be any trouble fitting it securely for 50-90lb children.
Because it’s designed to be worn with a swimming costume it’s made from a woven polyester fabric that’s a lot softer than a typical life jacket.
It’s not at all bulky and gives the wearer excellent freedom of movement, so new swimmers will be able to learn without any problems.
It has 16 removable floats, so it’s easy to adjust for lighter or heavier children by adding or removing floats. The puddle jumpers are only rated for 30-50 pounds and are becoming tight on her arms and back.
I don’t believe there are bigger swim vests than that unless you want to go to an actual life jacket at that point. From what I remember, we started using them when our kids were just under 25 lbs and they fit fine and were not loose at all. Unless you first test your baby while wearing the PFD in a swimming pool, you will not be able to know if the life jacket will keep your baby afloat. It also has a front zipper and an adjustable crotch strap which keeps the jacket well secured. It has a head pillow which is an extra safety feature as it gives extra head and neck support to the child.
The jacket also has a pop-up pillow which gives additional safety and head support for the child. Does anyone have experience with young babies and life jackets and which style do you think would be best?
They have both styles you pictured above and the top one was better but still uncomfortable for my LO. Some companies market a inflatable ring to goes around the neck to supposedly keep the head above water if the child's in water but I've never seen one actually used, only online on websites.

Once they’re confident in the water they can strike out without it, but in the early stages they – and you – will feel better with some extra assurance that they’ll stay afloat. It really is one of the best values out there and we can almost guarantee you won’t have any regrets buying it. It also gives good protection against UV rays, which is important – it’s easy to forget how much UV your child is exposed to, especially around water where constant splashing keeps them cool.
What has always helped us is to put some sunscreen all the way around the top of their arms prior to putting the Puddle Jumper on.
The manufacturer states 30-50 lbs on them but I would say in actuality it should be 20-40 lbs. Find out if the PFD will give your infant the support and safety your young one needs before going boating. I do not think my new LO will be going on the boat this summer since she will only be 6-7months old.
It’s Coast Guard approved, too, so it’s capable enough to be used as a safety aid on the beach or on boat trips.
The design means it won’t ride up on even a very slim child, so the security is pretty much unbeatable.
It’s also available in a wide range of colors (12 as of this time), most of which have cheerful cartoon designs on the front. Even after a couple hours of swimming, their arms are just slick enough for the swim vest to slide right off.
It has good rescue handles which makes it easy for adults to easily move the child from the water. Youa€™ll notice that this life jacket is bright colored with graphics and this makes it easy to spot in water. Obviously it won’t replace a proper life jacket so we wouldn’t recommend it for sailing or kayaking, but that’s not what it’s meant for.
The jacket has largely good reviews with most reviewersa€™ praising its great fit and fun prints. Although there is complaint saying that e a zipper is needed to attach the two sides so that they won't slide up into the kida€™s face when he is in the water.

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