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The beginning of the school year came with challenges on mine and my youngest son’s part. I had to make a choice- suffer through those hard days, 1-2 times a week, or go back to the carline and spend an extra 45 minutes of my day in the car and without my older son. The Beco is well constructed and comes with a zipper pouch that fits your carrier perfectly when you roll it up. The Beco was the only carrier that I really fiddled with to get the perfect fit on the straps and chest clip. The company kindly sent a Tokidoki print and I’m not obsessed yet but after ABC Kids Expo I’m understanding more and more why people are! My favorite thing about the CarryOn is that it’s easy to find in pretty much any print they offer. The straps were the most comfortable for me, I was carrying a good deal of weight and the padding was generous.
The panel was plenty high for my 5 year old and the fabric was wide enough that his legs looked and felt supported.
The downside of Tula anything is that it can be hard to get the one you want- if there is a pattern you love it might not be at the store you prefer to buy from. One of the reasons we stopped babywearing was that my son equated being worn in a carrier to missing out on the fun. It should also be pointed out that for children with special needs babywearing into toddlerhood and preschool is a godsend for the families. If you’re looking ahead to wearing a toddler the best advice I can give is to try carriers before you buy. Kim Rosas began Dirty Diaper Laundry in 2009 out of a desire to help more parents understand modern cloth diapers. Beco Baby Carriers is a long standing PAXbaby favorite baby carrier brand located right here in Southern California. Attending one of PAXbaby‘s famous babywearing retreats is amazing in many ways, but one of the BEST perks of the event is our swag bag!
So, you loved your Beco 4G, your Butterfly II, your Gemini, your Soleil… but what happened when they outgrow them all??!?
Don’t let the name fool you though, because this beauty will last you through those toddler years, to infinity and BEYOND.
PAXmommy Jillian tested out a few different options available with PAXmommy Brianna’s tall two year old. As you can see from the photos, though Corrina comfortably and ergonomically fits in the Beco Toddler, she still has tons of room to grow!
We just love the high back and head rest, as well as the cross-able strap feature for front carries. Did you happen to see the OOAK (one of a kind) Robot Print that was featured in our 50,000k fan celebration? As a huge thank you to all of our 50k+ fans, we’ve teamed up with Beco Baby Carrier to launch their newest product: Beco Toddler! To get your toddler on your back a Mei Tai or soft structured carrier would be the easiest.

BabyHawk, maker of totally awesome Mei Tai baby carriers, announced the addition of a new carrier to their line, the BabyHawk Oh Snap!
I was privileged to be able to test an earlier version of the Oh Snap, a prototype from the design process.
When you are doing a back carry and have the straps like a backpack, the chest strap (or sternum strap) can be used to keep the straps well-positioned on your shoulders.
With two adjustments on each side of the waist belt, the Oh Snap can be adjusted to perfectly fit hips in all shapes and sizes. I didn’t do legs tucked in since my son is really long and he quickly showed his distaste for anything that trapped his legs.
And a BIG thank you to Kristy and her lovely daughter, Audrey, for the adorable action pix demonstrating the Beco Gemini front carry with a 3 week old! Have you ever been in the position of having to justify to someone (say, a spouse…) why you have multiple carriers?  OR, have you ever wished that you had a spare as a backup for when you get to the park with the toddler and infant and realize that your trusty Beco Butterfly is on the couch where you left it after doing laundry?
As always, PAXbaby is here to help with our “Top 10 Reasons to Have Different Types of Carriers” list!
THANKS, Kelly, for the shout out to PAXbaby‘s unique carrier customization program, Pimp my Carrier! This entry was posted in Hollywood and tagged cobie smulders, hollywood, how i met your mother, lol, robin, the avengers on April 29, 2012 by admin. Features:LIMITED TIME OFFER - Buy one Shandali Yoga Towel and one or more Shandali Yoga Block and get 15% OFF your Total Purchase!
One of the most well known Soft Structured Carrier designers, Becos are most famous for their innovative designs and popular fabric choices! PAXmommy Jillian has carefully selected the items for our swag bag, introducing our retreat attendees to some of her FAVORITE WAHMs and manufacturers! Your child is supported, and the high back helps them feel safe and cozy (which also helps if you have a leaner!!!!), and best of all, gives those tired legs a rest!
Beco has been featured at PAXbaby since our very beginning and is Beco’s official West Coast partner with access to all of Beco’s limited edition Beco Toddlers! Go ahead and get the toddler on first, securing the waist strap of the carrier under the Moby Wrap, and the shoulder straps over the Moby. The adjustments allow the top of the waist strap to be adjusted separately from the bottom of the waist belt, so you can truly get the belt to sit on your hips, therefore your baby’s weight will be on your hips.
Fill out the form below with your choice of strap color and fabric panel and we’ll email you with full details and an estimate of when it will ship. Even though the legs are out, it has a small base that supports the hips and bum properly unlike the crotch carrying Bjorn.
Each retreat has been sponsored by some of the same manufacturers and some have been different.
So many people think that they will not need a carrier once their child starts walking, and that could not be further from the truth!! This carrier can be wrapped on yourself first using easy-to-follow instructions and once it’s in place you can work on getting the toddler on your back. I’m a Mei Tai girl, I know them in and out, I know a dozen different ways to tie them.

Others might find that it creates pressure on the sides or becomes problematic with certain clothing. I have an Ergo but really hate it…  I was even able to convince my husband to switch to the Gemini from the Baby Bjorn. With a slip-free foundation you will have more confidence and more stability, naturally supporting you as you achieve harder postures and more advanced techniques. This #PAXretreat2015 features over 25 small (and a couple LARGE!) businesses that we would love for you to meet! With a carrier like the Beco Butterfly or Ergo, you probably will not be able to fasten the chest clip in front of you. Buckle carriers have a lot of similarities to Mei Tais, but what most don’t have is flexibility, not just the ability to adjust for different users, but real, true flexibility for different carries, different weight distribution, etc. The flip-up headrest is still there, the bold fabric combinations, the comfortably padded straps. The straps connect at the sides with a buckle, and extra webbing length means that you can easily cross the straps behind you for front wearing, or keep them buckled right in to the same side for backpack style shoulders when baby is on your back.
If this doesn’t work well for your body shape, then choose the Mei Tai, which usually hugs closer to your body and fits better backpack style.
Instead of just having a plain waist belt, or trying to decide between curved or straight, the Oh Snap is the first ever structured carrier with a customizable waist belt! If I had a complaint about this carrier it would be that in the back carry, I need the head rest already hooked in if I expect that my LO will fall asleep. Without the risk of slipping, you can stay focused and advance more quickly in your asana practice.
The Oh Snap chest strap will move up and down on the shoulder straps and adjust so that it lays flat against you and does exactly what it should: keep the shoulder straps on your shoulders. There’s nothing more annoying than doing a back carry and not being able to tighten in a carrier enough to hold your baby close, and the Oh Snap has taken that into account, making it ideal for small moms who may not have had success with other structured carriers.
And thank you thank you thank you to our beautiful sponsors; we have been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by these goodies and gifts!!! Bring your own clean yoga towel, place on top of the studio mat, and remove your worries about whose sweat and germs you'll be practicing in.
There is no infant insert currently available (although there is one in the works!), but until then, make sure your baby is able to sit on their own and can straddle the seat of the Oh Snap before you use it.
No need to carry your heavy yoga mat from home that hurts your shoulders; just take your towel. Most people will wear padded waist straps down around their hips, effectively transferring much their baby’s weight off their back and to their hips.
By getting in the habit of bringing your own personal yoga towel to class and using the studio's yoga mats, you can reduce your carrying weight by almost 500%.

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