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The long sleeve bodysuit has a lap shoulder neckline which makes it super easy to dress and undress your baby. Long Sleeve Bodysuits are perfect for keeping little ones warm and cozy no matter where they are and this one is no exception.
Welcome to the world of the Basset Hound!  Please read through the following information carefully. So, having said all this, if you intend for the puppy to sleep separately from the rest of the family, stick to it when the crying begins after you have put him in his own room - he is a baby and he will soon tire and go to sleep!
If either your local dog groomer or Veterinarian are not familiar with Bassets, they may think that his nails aren't long enough to trim every week or two - if you can hear the nails hit the floor as the dog walks, they need trimming!  If you keep at it, you will find that you will only have to trim a sliver off of his nail each time, reducing the risk of cutting him, which in turn will keep him easy to do and you will keep his nails looking like a million bucks! Also, be aware that because of the length of a Basset Hound, he can create easy access to things on bench tops by standing on his hind legs - so just when you thought it was safe to leave a delicious morcel on your bench, you will discover that nothing relating to food will be sacred from the Basset! Keep in mind that any form of grooming, even just patting your Basset, will increase the bond developed between you and he and you will be paid back ten fold for your time with his loyalty and love.  The Basset tends to like to have contact with you wherever you are sitting and will probably not be content with just sitting next to you but rather will prefer to sit on you or your foot thereby maintaining very close contact! You will soon discover that your new Basset is a highly intelligent individual and will quickly take over the house hold if allowed!  It is a good idea, right from the start, to establish some ground rules that should be adhered to for everyone's sake - including his!

Always ensure that there is a plentiful supply of FRESH water for him - this means that you will need to clean his water dish DAILY - because Bassets have a tendency to drop collections of food pieces into their drinking water as they drink (along with the mandatory drool!) and the water will quickly turn sour, especially on a hot day.
I tend to feed the youngsters this way until they are about 6 months of age and then I reduce the amount of times they are fed each day until they are on only 2 meals per day (by around 12months of age) - one in the morning and one at night but I always have dried food out for them during the day (and a clean source of water too). I know that a lot of people will opt for a canned food for the sake of ease but I do recommend that you dont rely on just that type of food if you are aiming for optimum health and looks!  Poor quality canned food will give your dog the runs and will make the stools very smelly which means that you have the job of cleaning up the mess!
It is also a good idea not to feed him just before a journey in the car until you know that they are used to travelling and then you will be less likely to have bouts of car sickness. The above diet is what I feed our show dogs and it shows in their coats and general condition - Bon Apetite!
Also, we have found that partially frozen, fresh bones help to alleviate sore gums caused from the teething process.
If you are unsure about anything relating to the health and well being of your dog, please contact your Veterinarian - for the cost of a phone call, you may be able to solve any problems and if it happens to be something of a more sinister nature, you may end up saving yourself expense and heartache if you catch something early enough.  I am sure that your Basset Hound will capture the hearts of all and sundry in the surgery during your regular check ups, so capitalise on that if you have to!
Whiskas meatloaf style CAT food would be my pick) or homemade rissole (you can make a heap and freeze them, obviously made with no onions).

Given to your puppy frozen will act to partially numb the gums and help to discourage him from chewing other things! Chonodrodysplasiiaa€”A hereditary, genetic growth deficiency with shortening, bowing of the legs, a myriad of eye problems, skin problems, abnormal skulls and trachea, hearing loss, patellar luxation, and even abnormalities with the heart, liver and kidneys in some cases. Ventricular septal defect a€” Is a hole, or defect in the muscular wall of the heart (the septum) that separates the right and left ventricles. Tracheal collapsea€”The tracheal (air pipe) rings, made of cartilage, can become weak and a€?collapsea€? as a dog ages, reducing the air supply to the lungs by failing to keep the trachea open wide. Temporomandibular Luxation - A dislocated jaw joint.Other health problems could occur with your dpg.

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