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I wasn’t sure how to proceed on Monday.  It seemed like she was getting the idea and starting to understand her body, but was she ready?  I decided to hand the reins over to my independent daughter. Beth worked hard to convince her husband to spend their ten day honeymoon at Walt Disney World in 2001. Beth's love for all things Disney has helped to inspire her at home, in the classroom, and beyond. As a parent and educator, one of of the items that has always made me happy with Disney is the ability to put snippets of learning into everything. Do you remember Bear, Tutter, Pip, Pop, Ojo, Treelo, Luna, Ray, Grandma Flutter, Shadow, and friends?
Back in the day, we would wake up before 7:00 each morning to see Bear welcome us to the Big Blue House.
Bear in the Big Blue house was first produced from 1994-1997 by The Jim Henson Company (the Muppet qualities of the characters are quite evident). Bear takes time to tackle topics like the seasons, cleaning, storytelling, going to bed, the senses, heroes, going to the doctor, holidays, and more.

With enthusiasm I took Louisa shopping for “big girl panties” and even thought about buying pull ups, as the book recommended. Each DVD is filled with opportunities to learn, to develop social skills, and to explore with your child.
The night before the big day I skimmed the book frantically making sure I had everything prepared.
NHL and I would dance to the Bear Cha Cha Cha, What’s in the Mail Today, Clean Up the House, and other classic Bear songs. There were 117 episodes of Bear made over the years and each was filled with lots of information and lessons for young children. What I really liked about each of the DVDs was the little “Bear Benefits” noted on the bottom left corner.
As a child, she and her parents would go to Walt Disney World nearly every year, creating a love for all things Disney that flourished well into adulthood.
Now her entire family has been bitten by the Disney bug and eagerly anticipate their next adventure to Florida.

We’re talking long before Disney Junior when Clay, not Ooh and Aah, was the host of the morning programing.
This little tidbit helped parents to recognize the items that were being discussed within each DVD. In the future, I plan on writing about some extension ideas to do with your toddlers and preschoolers. Some parents may be afraid to start, which is why kids are more like 4 or 5 and being trained, and others push to hard for quick success.

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