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The average person doesn’t give a second thought to what happens to the waste water from their house so when your drains stop working it comes as a nasty surprise. Backed up or overflowing drains are not only inconvenient but can also pose a serious health risk.
Once tree roots enter a sewer drain it is “party time” as the drain has everything to make for a happy tree, water at regular intervals and plenty of nutrients. Once you have tree roots in your drain the only way to solve the problem is by excavating the damaged section of drain and replacing it. Objects flushed down the toilet that the system is not designed to cope with, such as toilet deodorant holders, sanitary products, disposable nappies and flushable baby wipes. Pipes and fittings such as bends and junctions were damaged during installation of the drain allowing root infiltration to occur.
Pipes in a drain become misaligned or completely collapse from external forces such as pressure from large tree roots or ground movement due to drought or heavy rain. Toilet cisterns not working correctly and not flushing enough water down through the drain system.
Poor installation with insufficient fall in the drain or flat spots in the drain which leads to debris build up and blockages. Installation of too many bends and certain types of junctions which can cause the same issues as insufficient fall. Internal plumbing fixtures such as the toilet filling with water to a level above normal and then slowly draining away. The water seal or trap in a fixture is low or completely gone in the toilet or floor waste trap (urgent attention required as drain could block anytime). Gurgling noise from plumbing fixtures or floor waste trap, most commonly the toilet and usually when other plumbing in use. For immediate help with blocked or overflowing drains or any related problems, contact Whywait Plumbing today…job done! Gary Mays writes regular Blogs giving you information and tips on plumbing techniques and current news. Blocked toilets are a frustrating and messy experience for any home or commercial building resident. Caustic soda is often used by homeowners to clear blocked drains but it can also make them worse. If used correctly caustic soda can clear some blocked drains but if it must be properly flushed through otherwise the residual will harden like cement which will create A DRAIN BLOCKAGE! The correct method to using caustic soda is to pour hot water down the drain to warm the pipe. Remove the Caustic Soda as quickly as possible by washing with large quantities of water only.
If contact with eyes, wash them immediately and continuously with plenty of water for at least 30 minutes while holding the eye-lids open and rolling the eyes back and forth. Contact a doctor urgently and keep flushing your eyes with water. Any time lost prior to such washing with water could cause serious and irreparable damage! If Caustic Soda is swallowed immediately digest large quantities of milk, call a doctor and organize transport to hospital as soon as possible. Your drainage system can easily become clogged due to any of the reasons above or other problems such as broken pipes may be the issue.

Drain blockage used to be quite difficult to find and often involved expensive ground excavation to find the problem area. Regular cleaning, plunging and flushing your toilet will prevent and slow the build up of scale and small bits of waste, which can cause larger problems. Blocked toilets are a relatively frequent problem and it is possible to clear the blockage yourself but if you are uncomfortable using potentially dangerous chemicals or find the situation worsens, DrainBoss is here to help.
Blocked toilets can be a major headache, but can easily be fixed with the right knowledge and tools.
Modern toilets often have a narrow throat at the S-bend and so the actual diameter of the pipe is reduced considerably.
A leaking toilet cistern normally occurs due to the natural wear and tear of the components, particularly rubber seals. Whilst many people try to fix a leaking toilet themselves, generally they do not have the right tools and it takes considerably longer than having a professional plumber do the job.
At Hills Area Plumbing we provide a complete overhaul and service for any toilet cistern leaks.
Servicing your toilets properly will also save you because it will reduce the incidence of call backs to continually repair your leaking toilet cistern. He spent ten years accompanying journalists to war zones and scenes of natural disaster, working with reporters including John Simpson and Nicholas Witchell.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Whilst some blockage can occur suddenly the majority happen over a period of time, in which case there will be some early warning signs for you to look out for.
They enter the drains through hair line cracks in the joints or damage to pipes or fittings. As the roots work their way through the pipes they become a trap for debris and slowly over a period of time the blockage builds up until the drain is completely blocked.
Clearing the tree root blockages with equipment such as an electric eel only bursts a hole through the roots and they soon grow back.
Toilets are not designed to cope with large amounts of waste such as nappies, sanitary towels, tampons, baby wipes etc. Pour the caustic soda into the drain and ensure to protect your eyes to avoid contact with the bubbling and foaming chemical. If your drain is still blocked you should call a plumber or professional drain cleaning company such as DrainBoss 07772 535248.
DrainBoss uses modern technology like CCTV where we feed a camera into the drain to find exactly where the blockage is located. Please call 07772 535248 or call the number closest to your location for prompt callout 24 hours a day 365 days a year, covering Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Ageing seals will allow water to leak onto the floor of your bathroom or into the overflow valve in your cistern mechanism.
Moreover to fix the problem effectively toilet cisterns need a complete service to prevent loss of water and the frustration of continual leaking. In most instances, people only repair the broken seal, but the reality is that it is best to replace all the seals and have confidence that your toilet will no longer leak.
He was with Simpson, in Iraq in 2003, when their vehicle was blown up and their translator killed.It was also his brief to look after celebrities a€“ including, on occasion, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Gary Lineker and Matthew Pinsent.

I walked over to the rubbish, which night after night would pile high in the streets waiting for the authorities to burn the next day by the side of the roads to stave off the threat of rats.
Other causes can be a clip on toilet freshener holders being flushed down the toilet, tree roots, broken pipes, and caustic soda.
Our drain technicians often recommend a CCTV survey to visibly see the problem and diagnose ways of preventing blockages occurring in the future.
Hills Area Plumbing services a broad area from Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Dural to Hornsby and surrounding suburbs. Items such as nappies, baby wipes, face wipes, kitchen roll paper, sanitary items and other material should not be put down the toilet. To avoid ongoing rework it is important to consider not just fixing the obvious problem, but look at all the parts that makeup the flushing mechanism.
As such, for minimal additional cost we advise our customers to consider replacing the outlet rubber at the base of the cistern, the inlet seals and also the tap washer and o-ring at the side of the toilet.
Summers, who also carried out undercover operations for the BBC, left the Corporation last July, after accepting redundancy, and now works as Skya€™s Broadcast Security Operations Manager.It was on January 7, 2005, 12 days after the tsunami, when he woke at dawn to find the body of the baby boy, aged between one and two, with matted black hair and closed eyes, lying on the doorstep. Removing some cardboard from the tip, I covered the baby with it.a€?I heard a voice say, a€?Whata€™s that Craig?a€? It was Bob, the Australian paramedic who was staying next door to us. There were a quarter of a million dead people there and the majority were being dumped in open pits. We will quickly respond to your call and ensure that the blockage is cleared as quickly as possible.
This will give you the confidence that your toilet will not leak and waste water for years to come.
Nobody even came close to diarrhoea and I knew that I had done my job keeping everyone else healthy.
I just wanted it done.a€™The incident was witnessed by BBC producer Peter Leng, who was standing in the doorway of the house used by the Corporationa€™s staff.
We dona€™t discuss private conversations but managers sometimes talk to staff, or former staff, who have written books about the BBC a€“ particularly if there are legal or safety issues.a€™Last night Peter Leng did not wish to comment and Ben Brown did not respond to calls.
I hadna€™t known it was coming but I had to deal with it and I would do the same again.a€™The revelation comes four months after the BBCa€™s Head of Newsgathering, Fran Unsworth, and Head of Safety, ex-Army officer Paul Greeves, tried to persuade Summers not to publish the biography.
My sole priority was to protect the BBC crew from infection.a€?a€‰a€?Ia€™m going to burn it,a€? I answered. Only years later did Peter confess that he had told a couple of people a€“ he also said he was grateful and couldna€™t have done the same thing.a€™Summers remains convinced that he did the right thing that day.
When the flames burned down ten minutes later, the two men bagged up the smouldering rubbish.
If they were still alive, I couldna€™t give the parents that closure because there were no clues on the baby.

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