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Sign up for our newsletter and have the top headlines from your community delivered right to your inbox. My camp kitchen stuff, in the past was thrown into a plastic storage box with all my other camping gear, insect repellant, sunscreen and other questionable toxic products.
The project is being put together using wood thats been kicking around, taking up space, material meant for other projects, that never materialized. The project will house my complete camping kitchen, including my Coleman Stove and Dutch Oven. The front and back panels will fold down to give me two surfaces for food prep and bar use. Anyway this is what I have so far, Its in the layout stage right now, nothing is glued or fastened, just trying to figure out how it will all come together. I'm thinking of incorporating a 12v RV water pump into a space in the box, with a hose going into a separate water container, at ground level (2 that I use for tailgate camping) fold out mini faucet for drinking water and wash basin.

I have a range Rover 2 door 76 mod decked out for Expeditions around the island I call home Tasmania below Australia. Yours is going to be very nice, and you'll quite enjoy not digging through totes to find what you need! Fortunetly I won't need to sherpa this thing too far, It was a concern for the wife as well, the dutch oven is a boat anchor but a big part of the kit and cooking experience.
Taking in account the heat issues , flow valve and ventilation holes on the side of the Coleman Stove, I made a change to the plan. Instead of placing the stove in the shelf, when mounted, as originally planned, I decided to flip the shelf. I made a run to the dollar store for a couple wash tubs, spice containers, thin cutting mats for food prep (2) You can see them in the pics below.
I have a couple Outdoor Research flexible back pack containers, I keep the single burner camp stoves and miscellaneous items in.

The back side of the Patrol box has space to incorporate a spice rack, paper towel and toilet paper storage. She used the same handle set that you've chosen, check out the latches used to close the box.
The shelf will fit over the Coleman stove, snug, not allowing much movement during transport. I don't think it will be that big of a deal, our regular plastic box had the same gear anyway, the weight wasn't all that bad.
To keep the stove from moving around while cooking, I drilled out 4 cups in the self to accommodate the rounded Coleman Stove feet.

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