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Once a consistent training program has been developed, word of mouth can be your best friend. Our district offers an all-day course that includes New Leader Essentials, Youth Protection training, Cub Scout Leader Specific training, and a Risk Zone orientation.
Our training brochures list specific course benefits and illustrate how a unit’s youth will gain by having a trained leader.
A personal invitation issued in a phone call or in person gets the most participants to attend training.
Some districts will challenge each other in a council to see how many leaders they can train in a single year. Work with your district executive to get names and contact information for new leaders as soon as they register. The best place to get ideas for making training a success in your district or council is at the Philmont Training Center. We emphasize that every Scout deserves a trained leader and that leaders will have a great time at training. Let volunteers know that training is fun and an important foundation for their leadership position. Lead an ethics debate with your Venturers about how to respond to inappropriate Internet content. Enter to win great prizes in our contests, including a $100 gift card and fundraising prize packages from LUCI Light. All rights thereunder reserved; anything appearing in Scouting magazine or on its Web site may not be reprinted either wholly or in part without written permission. K-E06c-PB, white fully embroidered, Swiss embroidery, thick black knot, black border, medium right twill base material, plain plastic back. The professional circle is presented to professional Scouters for completion of the professional training program, tenure, and performance. Any BSA course(s), including but not limited to, those through the Professional Development Division, Finance Division, or Philmont Training Center.
Receive prior approval of a fellowship thesis based on council, district, or division operations problems with a detailed resolution of the problem. Perfect for displaying at your Cub Scouts’ regular meeting place, this set of three posters helps them keep an eye on the essentials! This course is designed for all volunteers and provides the basics of the Scouting program, the age appropriateness of those programs, and the values and methods of Scouting. This outdoor program is designed to provide basic outdoor skills essential to the Boy Scout program.

BSA has made a number of changes to the camping policy for Tigers, Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts. This course is designed to help troop committee members better understand their role and responsibilities.
Roundtable is held monthly for the purpose of giving Boy Scout leaders the skills and ideas they need to deliver an exciting Boy Scout program to boys. Designed to inform and instruct adult volunteers and parents about the BSA youth protection policies and procedures.
This advanced training course designed to provide adults with advanced leadership skills and a more dedicated involvement in Scouting.
Designed to introduce Boy Scout and Venturing leaders to a wide variety of high adventure activities. The program will also help leaders in working with teens and how to address issues related to co-ed Venturing Crews. DonateAs a nonprofit organization, the Boy Scouts of America relies on the generosity of charitable donations to support its ongoing operations and future capital expenses at the local and national level. These brochures (as opposed to one-page fliers) are professionally designed and persuade volunteers that the courses are of high quality. Instruction that meets leaders’ needs fosters positive attitudes and a continued interest in training.
If an announcement or flier isn’t captivating and interesting, why would people expect the training event to be any different?
You’ll get fantastic suggestions on improving your delivery of Scouting’s training continuum. If a unit leader doesn’t make training a requirement for new volunteers, the commissioner staff should intervene. Trainers and course directors promote training at every roundtable or district event, which creates a buzz that seems contagious. This must be reviewed and accepted by the council executive and the professional development division. This new interactive on-line program will acquaint the new Boy Scout leader with the basic information about their position. The second part of the basic leader training is leadership position specific training and it is designed to present in-depth information for a new leader in a specific position within the Scouting Program. This course is required training for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters who wish to be considered a trained leader.
Adults leading a pack overnighter must attend BALOO training in order to be issued a tour permit.

This hands-on experiential training will enable troop committee members to better support the troop, the Scoutmaster and the Scouts. The subject of each roundtable is selected to emphasize important aspects of the Boy Scout program. This video presentation is strongly encouraged for all adults involved in the BSA, and is required for at least one adult on every outing.
There is an extensive staff development section to prepare trainers to conduct outstanding sessions using the concepts of Ethics in Action and to ensure that learning takes place. It highlights the BSA chartered partner concept, the policies and procedures of the BSA, and the Chartered Organization Representative’s role. Powder Horn is an exciting training opportunity that highlights local resource individuals in all areas of high adventure covered by the Venturing program’s Ranger Award. How, she asks, can more adults be encouraged to attend training courses that will make them more effective Scout leaders?
During those calls, we offer to register them for specific courses or tell them how they can register on our Scout council’s Web site.
This eliminates the reluctance of leaders who don’t want to take time away from his or her family for training. After a course is completed, participants receive follow-up e-mails or postcards that highlight additional training opportunities.
As these leaders progress in Scouting, they will encourage their colleagues to attend quality training. He can also point out how trained leaders help the unit earn the Centennial Quality Unit Award. Our training must build upon these skills and focus on how these individuals can best to do their jobs in Scouting. You wouldn’t want another leader to lead, guide, and shape the life of your son without training.
It is recommended for Webelos leaders, Varsity coaches and Venturing leaders, and other adults who will be camping with youth.
When leaders realize the value of training versus the time spent, they may start a training revival in their unit! Also, be sure to emphasize the supplemental training opportunities such as monthly roundtables.

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