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View Details*Babyfriend Training Pants are ideal for toddlers while potty training and used when accidents are less frequent. We can not guarantee a specific date or day for delivery as it depends on Royal Mail or the courier.
Make potty training time fun for children, sure they will love the bright funky modern colours. Training pants can be very useful when potty training a child because they dont act like a diaper or a pull up !

These washable training pants from Bright Bots were voted Practical Parenting Magazine 'Value Buy' Feb 2009. These pants do not hold large quantities of urine, so use them with microfibre inserts.These pants sell in different sizes and you have numerous print options as well.
Potty training pants are a fun and secure way to help your child take the next step to potty training.
These reusable toilet training pants are famous the world over and very useful when your child decides it is time to toilet train.

TODDLER KIDS BABY TRAINING PANTS BRIGHT BOTS VGOOD 3PCS TOILET TRAIN NAPPY CLOTHAU $5.00Buy It Now3 pieces toddler baby kids training pants for toilet training nappy cloth, very good condition, rarely used.
10 pack babyfriend Cotton Training Pants- all sizes AU $47.00Buy It NowNot meant as an overnight nappy, they are for toddlers training to go to the toilet.

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