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This comfortable'pull-on' training pant is designed to minimise little accidents.It has foam wadding and a PVC lining covered in absorbent cotton terry. My initial impressions were that the pants were in attractive colours, good feel and looked more like underwear than nappies. The website itself is a bit amateurish, with a mix of fonts and colours, and no clear navigation. One design suggestion would be to put characters or pictures on them to make them more appealing perhaps. Register as one of our Bizziebaby testers and join the team of parents all over the UK already testing & reviewing a wide range of baby and toddler products.

Although they fit My Son they are quite difficult for him to pull up and down, I ordered a medium which is his correct size but think maybe the next size up may have been easier for him. The clothes seemed pretty but I would need to be able to see the image in more detail to make me want to buy.
These pants have helped me to potty train outside the house as I can take him out and not worry if he has a little accident on a short walk or car journey.
I am guessing that Merry go round is the UK distributor for Bright Bots – it is unclear who the web site is aimed at. It is also important to me that the pants are Eco friendly and they are also more cost effective!

I think selling these as a 4 pack is a brilliant idea, as one isn’t enough, especially whilst potty training. However I am hopeful that being able to feel that she has had a wee will help her potty training.

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