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It is presented by a young, deaf boy thus promoting a positive role model for other deaf youngsters.It differs from other materials of its kind in that it has the facility for the user to access either BSL (British Sign Language) of SSE (Sign supported English) the quality of speech alongside signs is good.
This makes it an invaluable resource for anybody, deaf or hearing, who is interested in learning to sign. The package could also be used to support and encourage the development of language and literacy skills with pre-readers, pupils with specific learning difficulties and those with a range of language and communication disorders. The magnifying facility means that it will also be accessible to those with visual impairment. The user-friendly format of this package makes it suitable for use in school, in the home or as part of a training package.When using the SSE version of the package it is possible to increase or decrease the volume.
This will be particularly beneficial to hearing impaired users who can adjust the volume to suit their needs. A colour picture accompanies each sign and shows the chosen word being used in a sentence to provide context.

Images can be magnified.It is possible to browse a specific section of the alphabet by clicking on the required letter via the alphabet bar at the top of the screen.
By clicking on the fingerspelling button, the chosen word will be fingerspelt.PICTURE SIGNSThis is likely to be beneficial to adults and children with literacy difficulties and weak spelling skills and to those who are just learning to sign and find it helpful to think in categories. The user simply clicks on the chosen category to display a range of pictures with signed video clips grouped accordingly.FINGERSPELLERThis is an excellent resource for helping the user to improve his or her speed of fingerspelling.
A video clip is shown and the player is required to match this sign by clicking on the correct picture (choice of 8). An incorrect response offers the player the option of trying again or of being shown the correct sign. Good fun to play.RESOURCESThis part of the program allows the user to print lists of spelling, accompanied by pictures from the word list in “Find a sign”. The full screen option can also be found here.“Sign to Me” is an invaluable resource – a cut above the rest in that it has the facility to use SSE with sound accompanying signs to support partially hearing and hearing users.

This means that the signs can be easily browsed with or without any English reading experience.PAIRS GAMEBritish Sign Language Dictionary CD-ROMPairs Game is a great way to quickly increase your vocabulary knowledge. The player needs to match a British Sign Language video to the appropriate illustration.Fingerspelling tools are included in all parts of this CD-ROM enabling you to practice your fingerspelling skills.
SYSTEM REQBritish Sign Language Dictionary CD-ROMSign to Me is a Windows based package which will run on Windows 98SE and above.SITE LICENSEBritish Sign Language Dictionary CD-ROMSign to Me is available under site-license for schools and other organisations.

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