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Throughout my life I’ve learned how to potty train a puppy using various methods and have found the easiest way to potty train a dog or puppy is through crate training. I’ve used both types of crates and believe that both work very well for crate training. A crate should not be too big, but large enough for the puppy to stand, stretch and turn around. If he should happen to fall asleep somewhere else, pick him up and place him inside and quietly shut the door. Talk to your dog – Linus was fine in his crate when I was in the room, but Stetson whined even if I was in the bed right next to him.
About ColbyColby Morita has raised guide and service dog puppies for Guide Dogs of America and Canine Support Teams. Regarding your second question you may want to first check with your vet regarding her urination when excited. How much does a puppy cost?  I asked this question 12 years ago before bringing home my first puppy, Linus from the Carson Animal Shelter.
You may feed the puppy in his crate and give him some favorite toys, to keep the experience positive.

If the crate is too big your puppy may potty on one side of the crate while he sleeps on the other side.
I’ve tried ignoring it but after 30 min i say to myself this cant be the way to train the dog to love her crate…what am i doing wrong,,,? Lucky for me I successfully crated trained Linus 2 years before I received Stetson from Guide Dogs of America.
Unfortunately for me both Linus and Stetson were a struggle when it came to crate training.
When properly used, the crate becomes a security blanket, a place where the puppy can retreat to escape the household confusion and to feel secure. Do not crate the puppy during the day for more than 3 hours (this is recommended when the puppy is very young…as he gets older he will be able to tolerate more time in his crate during the day).
I have still been sleeping in the same room as the crate and so far no problems with crying at night except when she needs to go out.
I don’t think it is in any way an intentional accident in the house, just pure excitement pee.
Unfortunately, one of Stetson’s claws got caught in the crate and tore part of the quick in his paw.

The problem is that every time I go to remove her from her crate she gets so excited that she starts to piddle, I then grab her and rush her outside and she continues to go there. So she ends up peeing repeatedly in the crate every day, but never when in there alone, only when she sees you approaching to open the door and gets excited. She certainly doesn’t want to go in the crate at this point (even though she does well in it) and never goes into it on her own. She also shows tons of excitement and will pee anytime someone goes to pet her, anytime you feed her, anytime you give her a treat, anytime you approach the crate like you are going to take her out. We have started feeding her in it once a day to get her to associate something good with it. She really only goes in at night, and sometimes when she has yet to go to the bathroom I will return her for 20 minute intervals until she goes.

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